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  1. Number of Soldiers Lost: 5,013,500 Attacking + 8,112,371 Defending = 13,125,871 Casualties Casualty Rank: Ranked #80 of 5,037 Nations (Top 1.59%)
  2. Yeah, I joined Polaris bout a month or so before the war broke out. It was pretty awesome. Still miss the days of the massive aidfalls!
  3. Not gonna lie but I enjoyed GW1. I was in Polaris and never lacked a target!
  4. Holy !@#$, i remember that name.
  5. yeah 2006, i started in june of 2006 and am still around for some odd reason.
  6. I am pretty certain that whoever sent secret aid to Whimsy doesn't care what you would prefer.
  7. Hey, y'all can like all your other subpar teas, but sweet tea is best tea!
  8. Why won't people recognize that Sweet Tea is the best tea!
  9. Did not read beyond this post hahahaha but sorry old friend, RL has bit me in the ass so I have not been much fun the last couple of rounds. Am getting a divorce but the wife and I are still friends and still love and care about one another.
  10. Everything bro hahahaha.
  11. Hey HE! Yeah, I am still kicking it here. Chillin a bit for now. Though Krabs wants me to hit him but gotta wait until the 14th or 15th to hit.
  12. Hey Keshav!! long time buddy! and for now, I ain't planning on goin anywhere much to my wife's dismay.
  13. I am not entirely sure how to take your line. I am down for a war with ya but gonna have to wait until you drop down into my range though as you are currently too large for me.
  14. hahaha thanks guys and if I am still here in another 10 years, my wife will probably shoot me...
  15. So I have been playing this game for the last 10 years apparently. That is almost my entire marriage... Wow. hahaha.
  16. To be fair- Chim did try to poach me last night.
  17. Who honestly !@#$@#$ cares anymore? Like seriously, I fought my ass off for change when I was in MI6. Guess what? It went nowhere but damn near tore it apart. Those of us who left, had fought those battles and that war to change MI6. We failed and instead of staying and fighting some more, potentially tearing MI6 completely apart, we left. There are many reasons and variables as to why we left; each person has their own. To make the claim that it was any single thing or single event is a !@#$@#$ lie and a well-known lie. Hell, it cannot even be put down to a single person even. So how about we stop with this stupidity and just enjoy a war. !@#$, I am so sick and tired of alliances claiming to like war and the moment they get involved on the losing side, they have to pull some weak !@#$ and cry about it. TBC has every reason to fight a war against MI6 and in reality we did not need the request of 3 allies to have a reason to fight MI6. MI6 being MI6 and insulting and !@#$@#$ with TBC is reason enough. For that matter, trying to recruit me to the other side in the midst of a war, really. You should know me better than that Chim. I don't leave my alliance when it goes to war. Never have, never will. And after I gave you my reasoning for not even caring about this war, you continued to push. That was just beyond pathetic in my book.
  18. Well this is interesting to say the least. Or maybe not. but hey, it is what it is. Hope all have fun on the battlefield. Casualties for everyone!
  19. RIP Keelah and my deepest condolences to his family and friends and to you personally Kevin.
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