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Just Coffee... and Doom. Lots and lots of both.


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The Javahouse League and Doom Squad have a lot in common. We both value quality over quantity, friendship over politics, and optional over mandatory. Put shortly, we do what we want. We play the game the game we want to play it. What we want right now is this:



Escape from the Coffee Shop of Horrors
I. Non-Aggression
The Javahouse League and Doom Squad (“The Parties”) will not attack or spy on each other under any circumstance.
II. Intelligence
The Parties will share intelligence relevant to each other’s security with each other as it becomes available.
III. Optional Defence
Should either of the Parties be subject to attack or a spy operation from an outside nation or group of nations, that party is permitted to request assistance of a financial, diplomatic and/or military nature. The other party is strongly encouraged to provide the requested assistance, with an obligation to provide reasons, and possibly alternative assistance, should the requested assistance not be able to be provided.
IV. Optional Aggression
Should either of the Parties endeavour to engage in an alliance-wide attack or spy operation upon an outside nation or group of nations, the other party will be notified duly and may be requested to join in said endeavour in a financial, diplomatic and/or military nature.
V. Spirit of Alliance
[i]a. Amity and Commerce[/i]
The Parties agree to treat each other civilly and to execute sections I-IV of this treaty in the spirit of teamwork.
The Parties also agree to include each other among any Most Favoured Alliances lists for the purposes of economic trade (“Foreign Aid”).
b. External Cooperation
Should an ally of either of the Parties be subject to an attack of spy operation, the Parties shall meet at their earliest convenience to discuss options for assisting said ally.
VI. Cancellation
Should either of the Parties wish to cancel this treaty, it may do so unilaterally with 96-hour notice. Should the Parties wish to cancel this treaty bilaterally, they may do so at any time.
For The Javahouse League
White Chocolate, Queen
Max Power, Warlord
Lonewolfe2015, Architect
John Churchill, Membership Manager
Bob Slydell, Temp-to-hire
For Doom Squad
Lord Hershey, Alpha
Renegade4box, Beta
Ghost, Sentinel


Very relevant: inb4 tJL-Kashmir-DS all tied and containing the words "Doom", "House" and "SirWilliam".


Somewhat relevant: It appears tJL lost its entire March NS gain today. Sad news, I know...


Not really relevant but I'm not giving it its own thread: #javahouse is now our public IRC channel. Don't bother with that dusty old #tJL. It's cooked.

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