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  1. Somebody remembered! Actually not sure how that photo got removed tbh. Anyway, what do you think of the new one? It reflects my age on Bob. EDIT: Also, glad to see this thread active and the ASR still kicking.
  2. OMG WE ARE OLD :____: Also, DT was ranked #74... #MostImproved EDIT: At some point my long-time avatar of a young Tom Waits somehow got removed. I've now put in a new one of old Tom Waits to signify our age here on Bob.
  3. last update was 4/15... nearly 60 days / 2 months... yikes
  4. This is a great but a bit outdated. Posting to remind people to list treaties here. Lol. Not sure if there are rules on who can post (i.e. does it have to be a member or leader of one of the treatied AAs?), but just looking at recent posts in Alliance Announcements, it looks like the following connections (some levels not known/indicated by me) have recently come about: DK-FTW (PIAT) -- Probably not a treaty-level reflected on this tool. http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?/topic/127612-beware-the-wereape/ DK-Invicta (ODoAP) -- Also a level not reflected on tool? Consider including option to reflect o-level? http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?/topic/127591-the-ape-cavalry-is-coming/ DK-NADA (PIAT) http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?/topic/127488-possibly-interested-in-a-treaty/ DS-Devil's Brigade (ODoAP) http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?/topic/127345-devils-brigade-treaty-announcement/ DS-FTW (ODoAP) -- Another O-level treaty (not reflected on tool). http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?/topic/127455-hungry-like-the-wolf/ DS-Stripes (ODP) http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?/topic/127411-the-stripes-of-doom-accord/ DS-SN-X (ODoAP) http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?/topic/127336-the-doomist-producerism-pact/ Kaskus-SPaTR-Stripes (ODoAP Bloc) http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?/topic/127336-the-doomist-producerism-pact/ Monsters, Inc.-SPaTR (PIAT) -- Not reflected, I get it. Lol. http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?/topic/127473-peace-intelligence-and-aid-treaty-between-monsters-inc-and-swash-plates-and-tail-rotors/ Sparta-VE (MDoAP) -- Exact level unknown, but looks to be at least MDoAP. http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?/topic/127546-the-reformation-reconciliation-and-revenge-of-the-obsidian-entente/
  5. Ooops. Late to the party. Again. At least this isn't a gravedig. o7 Oculus o7
  6. You've got a great flag, FTW. And an even better ally. Congrats!
  7. I was wondering the same, actually. So cryptic! So ominous! Lulz.
  8. Hey there! I've been alright. A law school just opened in the nation of Pinnacle. As an enlightened despot, I thought I'd set an example for my people. Thus, I have been busy ruling Pinnacle and learning torts, etc. Will have to invite people over to #dt for drinks and smokes one hot summer's evening on the veranda... Anyway, how've you been? Three cheers! One for EEjack! One for OG! And one for OF (old friends)! Didn't know we were going public with that but ok... lulz Valid question. It's a new tri lineup at least. And zeke is a blast from the past. So there's that. Reunion! Let's coordinate our shirts for cheesy pics, k? I feel ya, man! ;)
  9. Any deets on the drama? Interesting drama in GPA seems implausible..
  10. wow. this is incredible. glad to see this old rivalry laid to rest tbh. congrats!
  11. Congrats, guys! Still going strong after all that time!
  12. Did anything ever happen with this? Did nobody vote or what?
  13. $2.39 in Orange County, California (or at least the areas of it which I frequent). :( I believe it was sub-$2 when I was in Kentucky and Texas over the holidays.
  14. A bit late to the party, but wanted to wish my bros in Nordreich the best of luck. This is probably good news for NoR. You guys have been struggling for awhile now. Hope this means we get in bed together again. o/
  15. Well, hasn't this thread taken a delightful turn! I'm pretty sure that since before the beginning of forever, wars have always been won prior to any bloodshed.
  16. I'd tease for Valhalla for squeaking into that sanction spot by not joining in the current war, but I'm fairly certain that's how DT first made "sanction" too. Congrats to my former allies at the reformed Valhalla. o7
  17. Although I'm not sure that SNX is the most likely to fail in 2015, I concur with the above post that these awards seem (fairly) legit.
  18. Alliance of the Year: DBDC Most Powerful Alliance: DBDC Best Military: DBDC Best Rookie Alliance: Most Powerful Bloc: AZTEC Best Flag: Most Active Alliance: DBDC Most Honorable Alliance: OBR Best Diplomatic Team: IRON Best Economic System: Umbrella Best Recruiting Staff: Best Propagandist: hartfw Scariest Alliance: DBDC Best Alliance Growth: VE / NoR Best War Flag Best Forums Alliance Most Likely to Succeed in 2015: DBDC Most Immoral Alliance: DBDC Most Controversial Alliance: DBDC Player of the Year: Most Powerful Player Best Alliance Leader Most Controversial Player Best Player Sig Best Player Avatar Best Poster: Auctor Nicest Player Funniest Player Most Active Player: Mogar Player Most Likely to Achieve Greatness in 2015 Best New Addition to the Community Most Hated Poster: Tywin Best Declaration of War (Alliance Topic) Best Declaration of War (in-game war screen) Best Wall of Text Best OWF Topic Biggest Controversy: Umbrella-MI6? Funniest Event Most Entertaining IRC Channel Best Treaty Announcement Worst Diplomatic Move: NpO War Against DBDC Tech Suppliers Best Player Quote Best IRC Log Largest E-Peen Best Villain Most Missed Player (Player that has gone inactive/quit): Ardus Best WaterCooler Thread Worst Alliance: Riot Society Worst Sphere: SuperFriends remnants (break up already) Worst Poster: Most Annoying Poster: Biggest Mouth: Biggest !@#$ Quietest Power Player: Bob
  19. This would have been a sweep for Tywin had someone nominated him as worst leader.
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