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  1. Yeah, it's funny to see not only TL but others on the NpO/TOP side suggesting that NPO is forcing its allies to continue the fight. I have no inside knowledge, but if NPO (or NSO) was my ally, I'd be going all out for them and wouldn't consider giving up until we both agreed upon an agreeable exit. Then again, propaganda is just that -- propaganda. I'm just never convinced that propaganda is all that useful in situations like this in CN. It seems that most everyone has either picked a side OR can look on at the events unfolding from a neutral, clear-headed standpoint, such as my AZTEC cohorts
  2. I like that bit about two separate turds in the same toilet.
  3. Alliances should cut all ties with foreign AAs. It worked well for VE(1). Le sigh. Loved VE(1). Anyway, this is the way people play. If we're talking realpolitik, the treaty-whoring method spreads out the risk. With the way power shifts around these parts, alliances consider themselves more secure if their position is more fluid. However, since we're all too deluded to speak plainly, I should mention that in CN people only sign treaties with friends, etc. Seriously, though, there's definitely a relationship component to this, as regards CN. That's why we see some like SF and DH that will stick
  4. Heh, well, this blog surely hasn't seen its last cynical comment, but there are reasons that those of us still here keep coming back to login everyday (or once every 10 or 20 days). I'm sure it's the intra-alliance interaction for most of us or perhaps old friendships forged through diplomatic relations with other alliances. Then there are some that stick around to see a some wrong avenged, score evened, or grudge match won. Oh, yeah, and all the FA-types are here to inflate their egos... and the old super-tier high-tech nations cannot forsake their e-peens... Then there are those who login o
  5. Hmm... the quote option is not working for me atm. @shelrich: Don't mention it. I love reminiscing about the old days, and some would say I do it too frequently. Anyway, thanks for sharing! @Baltus: Of course I remember you! Heh. Hope you're keeping well.
  6. Haha... Yeah, I thought about that, but - believe it or not - there are some expats working in China. And I work with some of them, too. ;-)
  7. I was too young to remember the fall of the Berlin Wall, although old enough to follow the 1996 US presidential election and remember with clarity the death of Princess Di.
  8. "Good news, everyone!" So, yeah, I'm sure some of you have attempted to recruit your friends and family... and often to your chagrin, no doubt. I actually tell most of my friends that I play, and among some of my friends it's become a sort of joke that I always try to make them play. I have had varying degrees of success, but nobody has stuck around for the long haul. My best friend from college moved to a different country and shortly discovered that I suck at keeping in touch with people. He signed up to communicate with me. He played for several months, perhaps almost a year. This has
  9. Glad to see we China-dwellers made an appearance! Thanks for sharing.
  10. Farnsworth

    Stats ITB: 4

    Thanks for sharing! These are well-organized and helpful. Kudos!
  11. Farnsworth

    A Statement

    what is this i don't even
  12. i'll read it once at least. it's not a bad idea, really, but i think a daily issue is more than overkill.
  13. Farnsworth

    Tom Riddle: Why?

    I'd be sad to see him go, personally. We need all the entertainment value we can get around these parts. I mean, most of us are satiating our thirst for war at the moment, but once that's over what will we have? The way I see it, there is not enough commie drama or micro mishaps these days. Our world needs more Tom Riddles, not less. Ok, well, maybe one is enough.
  14. I like your posts. I thought I would come by and say "Hello!"

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