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  1. Somebody remembered! Actually not sure how that photo got removed tbh. Anyway, what do you think of the new one? It reflects my age on Bob. EDIT: Also, glad to see this thread active and the ASR still kicking.
  2. last update was 4/15... nearly 60 days / 2 months... yikes
  3. $2.39 in Orange County, California (or at least the areas of it which I frequent). :( I believe it was sub-$2 when I was in Kentucky and Texas over the holidays.
  4. I'd tease for Valhalla for squeaking into that sanction spot by not joining in the current war, but I'm fairly certain that's how DT first made "sanction" too. Congrats to my former allies at the reformed Valhalla. o7
  5. Convenient time for a grave-dig on this one.
  6. Uh oh. SCM dual membership scandal 2.0...
  7. Looks good. The unevenness always irked me a bit before tbh. Plz keep it like this.
  8. Most of the AAs are the same, though a few have come and gone. The newest sanctioned AAs are obviously DT and Pax Corvus -- yay, more black team AAs! Lol. Some lesser recent entrants being RnR, Umbrella, and WTF, I think. Correct me if I'm wrong. I have suffered a few bouts of inactivity since 2007 and may be somewhat misinformed. Look how many AAs has 200+ members back in 2010. And several over 400. Wow. Edit: Ermahgherd TDO -- from 373 members to 45? Ouch.
  9. Hmm... seems we're not faring so well against NPO. How'd we get stuck with them anyway? :P
  10. Oh, we medaled. And in military wonders. I can think of worse things to medal in. Like curling.
  11. DT and GLoF are really cleaning up in Survivor: Olympics 2.0. w00t w00t
  12. Cool stuff, Gopher. AAs in the midst of postwar rebuilding can suck it with their war-related long term developmental disadvantages proving advantageous in this contest.
  13. Thanks for all the updates, Gopher! It seems ODN and R&R come for us, Pax Corvus. Now is the time to rally our black sphere awesomeness and do nothing while they pass us slay these citrus menaces! Looking good, gents! Yay, GLOF has surpassed vanquished the GRL!! Why's that?
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