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  1. The problem with that is if you weren't GPA than it's very limited whatever defending you were to do if you were serious. By the end I cared little for being "diplomatic" so it'd be no hard task for them to portray me as being like that through my entire tenure while they as some sort of band of saints. I don't want to chase being some sort of martyr which is something they have always accused me of wanting. I've left in the knowledge that their ill actions haven't gone unnoticed by some of the membership as I have had members express their displeasure in regards to them to me privately... if those members continue in GPA silent, cause "trouble" (disagreement/criticism) for gov, or just outright leave is ultimately none of my concern. I can only go off the words said to me from the seller. I have received another message when I asked about it all that seems to imply to me that no mention of the public records thread (I believe that is the thread) was mentioned... which could be an honest mistake or malicious.
  2. I'm failing to see what the big hullabaloo is about... congratulations.
  3. Ironically my thread there actually started with something along the lines of "I'm not even going to bother to complain that I was removed and the other person wasn't". I wanted a good bye thread, they didn't allow it as they find anything that publicly paints them negatively embarrassing so I put it up here. Nothing more to it, but you are of course free to think what you want of it. As for being shocked... well I would think I wouldn't rank above people who have actually physically attacked GPA that is all... do I really have so much heat that I get slapped with that when someone like say o ya Baby didn't get that specific treatment? I mean its likely because it's safe bet o ya baby wouldn't tech deal with GPA nations anyway or be at peace for large extended periods of time, but nevertheless it just seems odd to me. Well GPA does have Ennui the Boring.
  4. Thank you everyone who has sent their kind invitations. I'm currently making up my mind on where to go, and honestly I don't believe there is any obvious "correct" choice so it's tricky. Thanks again. I'd say I'd enjoy doing so, but it's likely of little use which is why I kept it short. The people involved avoid public confrontation (not simply here but on the GPA forums too) and would instead just go on IRC and bury me there citing my recent words against them (which they are fully deserving of), while leaving out (or citing an incorrect reason) why I have the opinion I do of them. I'm not as active on IRC as I perhaps should be so I'll be having half a dozen people burying me on there to folk to downplay anything I say on here is something I'd rather not have to deal with (if they haven't already of course). I don't want to be the guy who is seen as constantly raving about the ill deeds of GPA gov or anything like that... I want to put it behind me at this point though those listed I will never forgive that much is certain. Of course they don't make it easy considering they banned me on the forum for no reason (a problem as I am a diplomat for something I'm not sure I can mention here on in this part of the forum), and one of my GPA tech sellers just told me " They said we could finish our deal, but it'll be the last one"... which baffles me. I'm not war and haven't been so for some time... and I don't believe anyone else has such a ban in place so just strikes me as just more pettiness as I'm apparently a bigger enemy than people who have in fact hit GPA before... Surprised with all these little things stacking up that I haven't been sanctioned for being a "rogue" honestly.
  5. Already have a guy in my head of who'd be considering I'm an extremely punchable heel who can get anyone over as a face... but go for it please.
  6. Hello my name is Rozalia, more commonly known as Roz. Some of you may know me, many will not and I'd rather not post this but in the face of GPA gov covering it up I've decided to do so hopefully in the right place (being in the GPA you can imagine I've not looked here in a while). Long story short a bunch of people acted in what I saw as in a very negative manner over several matters. As such I acted in a negative manner to them, and they likewise did back. I am one person and just a member, they are many and gov... not difficult to see how it all ends so the other day they without any warning removed me from the alliance. I'd like to publicly thank Jerdge, Queen Kamanawanalea, eduluz2004, Rorthrane, The Thing, King Quincy, levothy, Pauan, Pacret, Black Panter, boy101, Naonmatrix, Soulstealer316, kevinx231, Amicus, Holy Ruler, Revan09, Ryan Hamdan. Thank you guys for the dialogues we had and any help you provided me... I'll miss being in the same alliance as many of you. I'd also like to wish publicly wish the best of luck to the people who took the effort to sign up to the Division I lead (Division D): King Quincy, Commander242, Pauan, Pacret, Eradicator, Rosebud I, Nuwen, Devils Angel, Kermit the Frog, Vedran, Queen Kamanawanalea, ddowling01, eduluz2004, Black Panter, lordbrian1, sirrs, Llago, williams, The Fritz. You guys are awesome and while many would simply see it all as work, I very much enjoyed my efforts trying to help you guys out and tracking your progress. One of the few reasons I remained longer than I would have normally. Now on to the negative which is what got it removed on the GPA forums. Belisarius, Imperator, Fistandantilus, Jericthegreat I wish the worst of wishes and can only hope that when their terrible traits, leadership, and lies catch up with them that they and not the GPA will get the brunt of it however unlikely that is. And that is that. Apologies to those reading who see this as a waste of their time, but nevertheless thank you for your time. Note that I'm not quitting the game or anything, merely announcing my goodbye to members for good or ill here as GPA did not give me the courtesy of allowing me to have a thread in the public area of the GPA forums. EDIT: Wow. Already banned on the GPA forums for posting this... Not sure what the possible justification (one given was lolk) for it considering I didn't spam, troll, or whatever after they moved/deleted my thread but whatever. Didn't expect them to be that petty but perhaps I should have, oh well I'll live.
  7. Friend or foe? Why not a tweener? I mean the poll as it stands currently is for either people who are friends with them, or those that are against them. There needs to be a more neutral option on there.
  8. Houston was the best guy for the job without doubt and I'm happy to see him get this.
  9. C'mon now, nobody is interested? ...How about this than. You bring yourself and the two other folk to complete the circle and we'll be whatever colour you want (outside none/grey).
  10. Rozalia (Fish, Iron) Archeaneya (aluminum, lead) Mijinion (uranium, wheat) The above is who is currently on board meaning we need 3 more members to join us. Trade circle will be 5BR. Team is Aqua. We are looking for people who have any two of the six below resources. Coal Gold Oil lumber marble pigs. Thanks for reading :)
  11. Just an old crazy ex HoG member of which there aren't many left of. Not many will remember me so few will know my reason for wanting your demise. None of that matters of course.
  12. It was by accident and I thought of correcting it but then I thought...would they point this out? I called it right :P I've never spoken for any alliance I'm in while on these boards. Were you my allies I would say the same things. I was away but I'm new to the NPL yes. I read up on what happened to them which was quite unfortunate.
  13. Those words mean less then nothing. Goons? Umbrella? They mean nothing to me. I'll only be pleased when GATO lays utterly broken. If all your chaff have to be cut down first then so be it. Now do try and fight respectably however hard that may be for you...I will be watching...my mocha coloured enemies.
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