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  1. Myth, unfortunately GGA is gone, otherwise they would be perfect for your talents
  2. [quote name='EgoFreaky' timestamp='1325099446' post='2888090'] Wow.. have you LOOKED at this war? You really expect us to give people a fair fight? Declare equal or up opposed to down? not using EVERY advantage we can including taking FOK up on their offer to take anyone who counters us (big or small doesn't matter). CSN has been preempted not once but twice this war, MHA got preempted (both our allies) and to be fair on the other side NPO got preempted as well. Most of our allies are being dogpiled.. but yeah.. our downdeclares and neutralizing the counter on us .. bad us, why we no fight
  3. Still the best Viking Alliance, and a great alliance to get to know how to navigate the treacherous waters of Planet Bob.
  4. Time rolls on, another winter gone, and more to come before we sing our song. Another year has passed, another notch cut, and more memories made. The Sky Citadel still stands, our hearts strong, our blades sharp, our mead sweet. Some who once were are no more but their passing has done naught but strengthen what remains, the earth is shoveled away leaving stone in its place. To distant lands our ships bore and bear us still and in our sometimes grim and sometimes merry wanderings new friends we have made who have strengthened our might and resolve. To the vast and blade bearing realms of No
  5. Wow, with a protector like AzN, definately bad form to not even tell them you were dropping protection. Can't see how this could not have waited until proper notification had been made.
  6. He still has to listen, now he doesn't have to follow my commands anymore.
  7. 555 days ago Commander Thrawn joined Asgaard. He almost immediately was elected to be a Vanir, and has worked to overhaul and guide our FA department. While we may not always have seen eye to eye, Thrawn has sparked lively debate, and has always worked for the best interests of Asgaard. The Aesir of Asgaard have decided that it is past time to promote Commander Thrawn to the position of Aesir. A vote of the Aesir, Vanir and Membership of Asgaard was held, and the results were 100% for elevating Thrawn to Godhood. I am proud to announce that as of today, Commander Thrawn is now an Aesir o
  8. Congrats to FTC and Phoenix Fyre. As two protected alliances, this is a good way to get your feet wet in the FA arena.
  9. TY for the Friendly bump. Still the best Viking alliance!
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