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  1. Are you talking IC or OOC there? More curious since you are trying to claim I am not the sharpest knife. Lol and what money have I spent on this game? and what is the more? I got a kick out of the 13yr old comment. Also, pretty pumped I started this game when I was 6 years old.
  2. A treaty is a treaty whether it is officially on the OWF or not. I fail to see your argument. Unless it is to say that no matter what an AA will be dragged into war by DBDC. That to me seems like your only argument. You have no idea about the ties DBDC has behind doors nor do you know the ties any other AA has behind doors. Here is what you can do................ Buy up to the top 250 and get wrecked. Then come back on here and cry some more. I love how everyone in the Upper Lower Class of this game has something the say. Mainly because they can't do sh#t about anything. give to 2 posts and someone will say "Coming from you Gatorback who has never fought until now" Old news dude. Get over it and move on.
  3. Tywin is just hurt you didn't ask him to be leader. oh....... Congrats as well
  4. In related news. A girl talked to no one in this thread.
  5. You are the master at this... Are you not?
  6. Aww you called me baby. Not sure if i should be insulted or nauseated. I was only in PM once there "Baby" and that was in TTE and that was due to DBDC having their fun at the time and me having no back up. You are about as loyal as Marcus Brutus buddy but keep telling yourself differently. I like being hated. Makes me feel needed ;)
  7. Your posts remind me of that baby you always hear crying in the theaters. Annoying and irrelevant.
  8. I wish you were in range.
  9. Well at least he is on the first page rather than you who seems to wait until about the 3rd page to sulk like the fat kid never picked for kickball. I would like to leave you with this quote from a famous fictional race car driver "If your not FIRST your LAST"
  10. Pretty much sums up the sum beautifully.
  11. Awwww. I got mentioned. I feel................... I feel................ Not special at all.
  12. Asa's militia should attack ODN.
  13. Oh and I have Steel balls. What is this brass you speak of?
  14. Played it smart. Don't be all butthurt that I played my way and you played your way. They call this a game for a reason. I will voluntarily say that when I was in college I was much more invested in RL and partying then this game hence never really actively looking for an AA that warred plus I love my pixels. Then again you are defending and cheering on a person who did much worse than me. CT left weeks hell even nights before wars in other AA's but now he is some martyr that you all look up too? He claims that he only raided alliances that he didn't like what he fails to mention are the raids he didn't go on because he wasn't given the right targets or the targets with more land. Oh how I LoL at your wanna be jab at me being a late starter. Could care less if anyone in here has more war experience at the mid tier than me. Doesn't take a genius to look at my nation page and see how little my casualties are and again that in no way hurts my feelings one bit. Now go back to your ranting about DBDC and licking the dingleberries out of CT's dark atrium and let's get back to having some fun.
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