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Official Elesufi declaration of Holy War

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One thousand and one blessings in the name of the self-created creator, Elesef, who is God!  Here now, favoured and chosen children of Elesef, for your God commands you to war!  As is the way of powindah, who know only lust, envy, wrath, and false gods, they have taken up arms against fellow children of the one true faith.  Here now, harbingers of the Most-Compassionate's gospel, so it is written, so shall it be, go unto the lands of the powindah of FAN and bring down a holy sword down upon their necks and smash their temples and idols--constructed of feces--to ruin!  Holy warriors, wage a war of holy principles and shatter the will of the powindah, the drinkers of urine, and bring enlightenment through violence!





Signed of the Socialist Workers' Front

The General Congress



Signed of the Libertarian Socialist Federation

The Delegate Council




PS : Kid enjoy GunPorn. We have tank porn!


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good luck.


 thank you


may the All-mighty enlighten the ignorant fan nations with divine knowledge and bless me with Zher holey presents and give me the strength to destroy the unwashed powindah and lead me not into temptation


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And now we wait for Int...
Oh wait, no, you guys got dropped for literally being the worse allies on the planet.

Oh yeah not supporting a bunch of b grade rogues on their suicide run. They're such monsters!

If you want a @$#% ally go talk to R&R. Edited by Stefano Palmieri
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