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    3772 just realized i have been playing this game for more days than there are nations.
  2. I guess making the list three times in two days ought be an indication of either my commitment or insanity.
  3. Old Guard sees no reason to continue hostilities with Pacifica as long as our friends are no longer being attacked and as such we are standing down. We appreciate the lengths that Pacifica reached to protect their friends and salute their commitment. May everyone's rebuilding be all it can.
  4. Wait wut? How did we get dragged into this thread? We are fighting some other guys entirely.
  5. Old Guard will delay our impending zerg rush until this all works itself out and the ship Pacifica is righted. /thoughts and prayers //mercy and souls.
  6. We generally look out for our friends but when we realized you were nothing more than a bunch of rude arrogant pissants we ignored you. ( and if you recall my message was friendly and your message was vile, angry and obnoxious - essentially a microcosm of your existence on planet bob - enjoy )
  7. That is basically all of the effort that you are worth. In most folks opinion even that it too much effort. If you haven't noticed the trend - nearly everyone you 'attack' ignores you. Maybe you ought to work on that.
  8. o/ CRAP Old Guard loves us some CRAP on the prowl.
  9. I am certain there are a few folks who take great pleasure in sacrificing all nation development to puff up the upper tier of their alliances. I cannot imagine that there are hundreds and hundreds of these folks, unless there are lots of folks who want to roleplay being worker drones and have found that this political simulator fills that need like no other.
  10. There are enough multis to keep the tech flowing for many. That has always been one of the more fascinating aspects of this endeavor - the lengths that folks will go to circumvent the actual point of a political simulator. Instead of using discourse and negotiations they try to 'win' by gaming the system. Where is the joy in that?
  11. 56 but you can't send me any tech because pacifica is trying to kick my teeth in at the moment.
  12. You sound like one of my kids.
  13. eejack


    an unexplained bump back up to 4004.
  14. the game will be closed way sooner than that because some of the biggest donation contributors have stopped ummm...contributing. no money no game. ( and I would bet even money there is less than 1000 actual people involved in the game right now ).
  15. Thanks! And thanks to all those folks who made this so affordable!
  16. Winter War implies snow and ice...you know...moisture. I kind of got the impression that they went in dry. How about The 17 Umbrellian Sneak?
  17. Umbrella can't keep it in it's pants and needs backup to deal with an 11 nation alliance? Too long?
  18. So this is going on now for what, a month plus. You folks sick of bruising your knuckles on our faces yet or do you want to keep doing this for a while longer? And really, you folks should just stop pretending and merge.
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