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  1. This is so irrelevant that I was not aware that we had been at war with Polar and Monster Inc. Next time, WhatsApp me.
  2. I was starting Uni when I became a ruler here.
  3. Good to be back. Almost SEVEN years later. Man, are we getting old or what?
  4. RIA_Flag.png Awesome_LWaB_Flag.jpg Hi All, Following RIA's surrender to my alliance and I, we couldn't find an opportunity to leave with a bang. So the idea is to try another kind of bang with RIA. LWaB is hereby disbanded and merged with RIA. Consequently, RIA will change its name at a later date. You may resume picking on the inactives and the peaceniks. Best, HR
  5. Mogar, as I keep saying: this isn't a 1-man an AA. It is just an AA with one man. for now.
  6. I'd like to point out that: 1. I fought NoR while in RIA about 6ish years ago. After two weeks, and following the issues for which RIA has now apologised, I joined NoR. 2. I fought RIA three times in the past 6 years, twice as part of NoR. 3. RIA apologises to me. I forgive them. 4. NoR and RIA sign a treaty. What I am saying is: I did this before it was cool Also, LWaB hereby announces a MADP treaty with RIA and NoR, whether they like it or not.
  7. Yeah, why not? Happy to sign a MDP with RIA
  8. Nice try; do the flaming elsewhere.
  9. Your surrender is hereby accepted. Mogar is a good guy, tbh. Too bad you weren't the leader of RIA back then.
  10. http://m.imgur.com/gallery/Wj8Pinu In defense of our allies in NG, we declare war on NADC. Signed, 1. Holy Ruler, Leaver in Chief 2. Other guys who decided to join this open alliance, Leavers
  11. Welcome to the fray, RIA. Send some active people my way. Really sad that some alliances go to war without the DoW. This is supposed to be a part of the entertainment.
  12. This is so confusing: you can't be referencing Ali and fighting against Shias. Otherwise, interesting DoW.
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