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  1. Qld should do what NSW did for a couple of people (who's names escape me right now) and pass a law preventing him from ever being released. I hope that scum gets what he deserves in prison.
  2. An alliance full of inactive stoners, old people and European women. Wait...
  3. Gopher you missed the memo about us disbanding. I demand you rectify this immediately! :P But I'm glad it was only 60% I was expecting a lot more than that.
  4. Stefano Palmieri


    What is this winter thing of which you speak?
  5. Hey we're a real country, just ignore the fact that we're next to middle earth. No we fight dropbears. Holy crap I havent seen you in a long time! Hit me up on IRC next time you're around buddy.
  6. So yesterday was Australia day. Anyone do anything terribly exciting? I got to nurse a hangover before going spendning the arvo/evening with some friends in a park, watching a bogan family get wasted and play cricket. It was great.
  7. I think they're just doing NPO's ties + blocs or they missed GATO - TIO as well.
  8. Could I grab the stats for TLR if it's not too much trouble please Gopher?
  9. [quote name='AlmightyHero' timestamp='1340777979' post='2998094'] Click the link to find out! [/quote] That would be a no then
  10. The whole thing is an utter load.
  11. Sorry INT, you're just not good enough to have your flag IG. Try joining a different clique and try again.
  12. [quote name='Ayatollah Bromeini' timestamp='1333521451' post='2948170'] Who said anything about April Fools? CnG is literally merging into INT. So is R&R and [b][i]UE[/i][/b], too. [/quote] Time for the first great purge then.
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