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  1. I think your data is wrong if it has you and honourable together.
  2. Well at least you took Taget off our hands, so thanks for that.
  3. Grevious is back? In my CN? I am deeply offended I wasnt aware of this sooner. Hit me up old friend.
  4. Here's to a year of ineptitude and cowardice.
  5. It's ok ODN, I will be there to console you when this inevitably blows up in your face.
  6. Qld should do what NSW did for a couple of people (who's names escape me right now) and pass a law preventing him from ever being released. I hope that scum gets what he deserves in prison.
  7. I need to go sit in a corner and rethink a few things. Congrats guys, I'm so happy to see this.
  8. Oh yeah not supporting a bunch of b grade rogues on their suicide run. They're such monsters! If you want a @$#% ally go talk to R&R.
  9. Have fun OG. Show fan what you're made if o/
  10. Grats to AI and Argent. One less military agreement with RON is always a good thing. Edit: Also never realised things were that bad in ML.
  11. I support the rolling of Die Linke. o/FAN
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