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  1. How DARE you kill off Hime's generals!! They were giving him such great advice! "Nea man, go ahead and delete all that infra and all my men, it's cool, we got this."
  2. Look at all that bought XP and no generals!!!
  3. Would you like to donate to the Make a Hime War foundation? For one small price of 4,000 troops, you can get your very own Hime at war possibility! There are those among us with troops to help defend our borders and keep things entertaining. But then there are those without troops. Wont you help those in need? Those without troops that make wars terribly boring. Donateing 4,000 troops to Hime is less than a cup of coffee, but to some of us, 4,000 troops is a big help. With each and every donation to Hime, you will get a hearty "thank you" from Umbrella for helping us with the boredom. So, donate to the Make a Hime War foundation today!!!! Disclaimer: there is no guarantee Hime will accept the 4,000 troops and if he does there is no guarantee that he won’t just delete them. Extreme likelihood that the troops won’t last longer than 5 microseconds. Please send only USDA approved troops that have had all of their shots and are free of diseases. The Make a Hime War foundation is not responsible for any lost feelings or tears that come with your donation. There is no tax write offs apart of this program nor is this program backed by any sponsor namely Umbrella. DONATE TODAY!!!
  4. Anybody see the irony in Hime making mention about "lesser men" while RPing as a girl?
  5. My guess is upwards of 10 years of donations.
  6. If you did, I'm sure you'd just delete it.
  7. To be fair, this is the OWF. Making comments without fact checking is pretty much the standard. Make a post saying "The letter A is the letter A" and I'm sure there will be plenty to argue against this.
  8. Don't forget, you're also the reason why babies cry.
  9. Oh lord, this type of thread again? I'm wondering how long it's going to take VictorShorts here to do like all the other micro nations that find themselves in this situation and just deletes. Unless you're planning on being done playing the game here soon, I highly suggest taking a U-Turn at the next redlight and backtrack a good bit.
  10. There are some people who just can not recognize sarcasm.
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