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  1. Is this why you are in anarchy with no soldiers? With all that money you "took from me" you should be able to afford to buy a decent army. And even if I lost all of his 6 mill, I've taken so much more from your abandoned equipment and loot to more then make up for it.
  2. Sorry about that. We got rocked a little by the GOONS. But we are back on like and Tech is on its way as we speak.
  3. I'm tired of posting on this thread. Nothing is coming of it. All you want is to get tech without having to fight for it. You raid us and then are shocked that we would actually fight back. I have nothing to lose, and neither do my alliance members. You can send us unconditional peace, end your demands for tech, or this will just continue. You can threaten to blow us back into the stone age all you want. But if we are already there, it makes no difference to us. We are not your typical nations that will either beg for peace when annihilated, or give up and fade away into inactivity. All those nations have already left the alliance and didn't have the stomach to stand and fight. So I will not be posting anything more in this thread. If you want to send a message to my alliance, you know where to find us. You can either send us a message of peace, or declare another war. Whatever works for you. At this point, we are under no illusions that you will try to make peace, so lets just get on with the business of war.
  4. I don't see any stripped spirits. Maybe a difference in wording. But as we said, this will never end. We will not just wait until the wars expire and just try to fade away. We have just entered a new phase of this war. Our alliance was caught off guard by their attack. Now we are regrouping and we will never relent. We are sending your nations into anarchy as we speak. This is not a war measured in loss of resources or body count.
  5. No. An unapproved and former aNiMaLs member declared war on you. If we are going to hold alliances responsible for unapproved members I'll just ask to join a large alliance and then attack you before getting kicked out according to your logic. But you yourself said it doesn't matter. I need to make peace for a nonmember. No member can declare war without approval of the alliance. This action against you made them DOA in our membership. If they were an approved member, by our own rules they would be forced to resolve the situation by any means necessary or face attack by us. Even if this meant playing the mercy board. See you guys pretend to be diplomatic but you can't tell me to negotiate but we will wreck your nation in the meantime. And your form of deplomacy leaves us with no choice but to fight. Your own forum essentially says do what we demand of you or else. Little advice from theArt of War.If your aim is diplomacy, don't leave your enemy with nothing left worth saving. At this pointwe have nnothing to gain and nothing to save by submitting to your demands. The only outcome thats worth us coming to the table is simple peace with no strings attached. Either way we will not negotiate at the point of a gun. If we are going to negotiate peace a real not one way cease fire is needed. Btw I'm only asking what your own deplomacy rules state to begin with. But if your demands require us to pay or be in debt or disbanded might as well keep fighting. Assure me that a true cease fire would be upheld during the time of negotiations I will use your forum to make peace. Otherwise I can not seek peace and expect to just take the attacks without fighting back. Max, you say you are reasonable. Then be reasonable and don't expect us to endure a one way cease fire.
  6. You are wrong. I joined aNiMaLs because they offered protection from your attacks. But then the protection was never there. I tried joining because one of your members messaged be with an essentially "join and you will have peace" BS. I do want peace. But you don't. If you did you would have control over your nations and not allowed them to raid my nation to begin with. And I will not play your mercy game. It is a joke. You come up with terms that are ridiculous and bive them 24 hours to comply. All the while they are still being attacked and nuked. I owe your alliance nothing. The only peace I want is unconditional. You don't attack us and we won't attack you. Anything more will not do. If you are prepared to offer that then I will go to your forum. Until then we will continue to defend ourselves.
  7. This ia all irrelevant in this case. They "marked" me not because I went around raiding them, but because I defended myself. They attacked and I defended. The reason I left aNiMaLs is because they left me out in the wind. There is nothing to negotiate. They want me to go through some BS mercy thing and pay more tech and stuff and be in debt to them for everall because I have the balls to defend myself. I'm really getting confused by all these posts. Is it really that against international customs to defend yourself and your alliance. Why do I have to beg and plead with anyone. The argument seems more of a your small and they are big so you need to comply with what ever BS they come up with. I tried to play the diplomatic game with them. But apparently their 24 hour cease fire is a one way thing. You have to endure more attacks while they decide whether you are worthy of being extorted or just destroyed. Their mercy board is nothing more than a "pay us so we don't raid you" forum. And with all this talk of aNiMaLs, the attackers didn't even know I was "marked" until I posted on the board. They were raiders plain and simple.
  8. At this point we have nothing to lose. We have lost everything. All we can do is fight back. All they can do is either spend their resources protecting their lower tier or abandon them. Either way it costs them. I have never backed down or tired from a war and im sure my alliance member will not either. Even if this war never has an end. We will fight, rebuild in anarchy and fight again. We have nothing else to lose.
  9. I am making no demands. My alliance is under attack. We are defending. We will keep defending until they send peace. They are making demands that I play their games or face their attacks. We choose to face their attacks. I don't understand why so many nations and alliances simply fold in the face of these kinds of demands.
  10. I attacked your alliance as an aNiMaLs after your attacked my nation. Your alliance is no different than aNiMaLs.They conduct raids against nations and alliances. Then "mark" anyone who actually has the balls to retaliate. All you thug alliances are the same. You expect to have free reign over any unaffiliated nations or small alliances. Then get all bent out of shape when someone doesn't comply. Your mercy board is a joke. I looked through it. All it is is your alliance attacking nations, then using the attack as a way to force these nations to play your little games and trying to humiliate them. To me that is not the proper channel. If you are reasonable then you would conduct deplomacy alliance rep to alliance rep. Not subject the nations to your ridicule forum. All I ask is for peace without conditions. Otherwise its not peace.
  11. Marx, I was operating on orders of an alliance I was in. I didn't "go rouge" any more than your nations are going rouge. I left the alliance. You can have your alliance rules all you want. But the way I see it, leaving an alliance means you are no longer responsible for the actions of the alliance. I made peace with the nations I was at war with and the accepted it. I am not part of your alliance and therefore do not have to play by your charter rules. Its not like your alliance members give a crap about your charter anyways. I am a part of an alliance. As tiney and pathetic as it is, you didn't attack me you attacked an alliance. An alliance I am obligated to defend. You never sent word that I had to play your mercy fourm. Your alliance simply attacked. Therefore as I see it, your alliance is the one that has to make peace. We will get blown away as many times as we need to. But we will never settle on any conditions. Don't wasteyour time sending threats or the like. Send unconditional peace or nothing at all.
  12. The wars with aNiMaLs and Monsters Inc were brief and they were both diplomatic and respectful. They didn't ask for us to jump through hoops and so on to get peace. Diplomacy prevailed quite quickly. So it was more of a matter of timing. As for a protector, that would have been nice, but too late now.
  13. It exists still. By tried it. But as an alliance we decided to give it up. There is no reason why we should play their games just to secure our peace. We would rather eat their nukes.
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