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Los Pollos Hermanos Disbandment Notification

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Many moons ago, a group of friends found one another within the ranks of an alliance, the Commonwealth of New England, or CNE. Well, there's something from before then too, but I wasn't a part of the group and as such can't be bothered to care. Anywho, CNE found herself plagued by rogues, inactivity, and ghosts. As such, CNE changed names, being born as TCW, or The Commonwealth. A few months into the life of TCW, we discovered another alliance with the same name and decided to make the infidels pay for their mistakes. I, under a different name, infiltrated their forums as a prospective member and found myself welcomed by probably the nicest group of people in all of CN. Vielwerth, O-Dog, and Stampe were among the first to contact me. I returned to my alliance, at the time made up of Emperador del Oeste (Minister of Silly Walks), Jonnygozy, Gunteraz, Beastfromeast, and Marginali, and reported my findings. We voted unanimously to come clean to the other Commonwealth with our intentions, to offer them the olive branch as an apology for spying on them. 


CoN as they were known went a bit meltdowny and prepared for a war. When they realized we weren't going to hurt them, that we were good for our word, they came to us with open arms and a treaty was rapidly signed. It was around this time that we began working up relations with FEAR, whom we would eventually merge with years down the road. More on that later. 

In December of 2007, the two Commonwealths merged to form UCN, the United Commonwealth of Nations. Under UCN, we grew incredibly close to two alliances in particular; FEAR and Wolfpack. Together the three of us signed the Blood for Friends MDAP bloc, a bloc which would end in a merger in a few years and a subsequent, fiery disbandment. 


Over the course of a few years, UCN was the home to many of CN's greatest members. Mustakrakish II, Darkfox, Sqkura, Gulag, Borimir, Numa Maximus, Lewis Cowper, Snowwolf, Jonny Montana, Rivertommy, and many more I've either forgotten or didn't see on the wiki page just now. Oh, Popsumpot. He was there too. Anyway, spring of 2010 brought war to UCN, war with The Immortals, followed by GOONS, Poison Clan, and LOST. These fine combatants taught us the value of tight relations with allies, military coordination, and disdain for Sardonic. However, the war left UCN fractured from within. A partial coup of an inept military minister, Brickan, led to massive repercussions within the alliance. Darkfox soon left for brighter pastures, and after weeks of harassment, I took my leave as well. Unfortunately, I underestimated my ties within the alliance, and a vacuum effect was created. Members joined me in leaving, something I didn't wish to see happen but was powerless to stop. It was around this time that my relationship with one junior government member grew into a full-blown bromance. 


Kongo Jack, known better as Deebo, stuck close by my side in those trying times. Vielwerth and I started Europa as a pet project, initially to be the name and forum used in a 3-way merger between UCN, Wolfpack and FEAR that fell apart along with UCN. Deebo followed us to Europa, and I made him the Minister of Foreign Affairs. In those first days, we were toxic. Misinformation was widespread regarding the collapse of UCN, and some former allies approached us with rather hostile words. At the time, we swore the message from CDT, in particular UPN and USN, was one of open threat; we feared they would roll us if we did not "hand over the keys", so to speak, to the former UCN. We, the founders, had voted to disband it, and regardless of the terrible way in which it was handled, it was a choice that we alone were elected to make. We realize now that USN/UPN were simply in the dark as to what was going on and were not actually intent on hurting us. They were talking a tough game, but from their perspective, a bloc partner had just imploded and the government had apparently fled. I would have done the same in their position. We hold no ill-will toward them or any other former CDT alliances. 


Two alliances extended friendship to us in those opening days. The first was a longstanding ally, Invicta. The second, an unlikely ally, GOONS. When asked if they were protecting us from raids, GOONS replied with a vague "Maybe. Try something, see what happens". Granted, it wasn't a concrete vow of protection, but it was better than nothing, and we felt indebted to them for it. A relationship began to blossom. 


Eventually we signed MDAPs with FEAR and Wolfpack, and then admitted NEW into our MDAP bloc. Dual-membership treaties with Wolfpack and FEAR followed soon thereafter, the three of us more united than any other alliance I'd seen before or have seen since. We briefly fought ODN in a curbstomp of a war, and another friendship began to blossom (admittedly it started as a haiku war between myself and Pingu). 


Europa continued to grow, eventually picking up the unfortunate cancerous growth known as Sniper Joe. Just kidding, I love that kid. Anyway, midway through 2012 it was obvious that BFF, the bloc, was dying. Wolfpack was at historically low activity levels, Europa was falling asleep due to apathy, and FEAR was bleeding members due to a combination of both of the above issues. We decided, prematurely, to go ahead with our merger. Blood for Friends was born as an alliance formed from Wolfpack, FEAR, Europa, and Europa's protectorate/MDP partner, TLK. 


From the get-go, there were fractures. The alliance was a botched merger, but we tried to make it work. We had to stay together for the kids. Fights would break out within our halls, and the temperature in the room flashed over when word was received that NEW was planning on going rogue en-mass on either the Viridian Entente or the Mushroom Kingdom. At the time, we were friends with MK, partners with GOONS, and MDoAP/Bloc partners with VE. We pleaded with NEW not to do anything stupid, but never received a definitive answer. Eventually things fell quiet, but all was not well. Weeks later, Kaskus was at war with NSO. NPO joined the fight, and in an attempt to cause a war, a fact not refuted by either side of the ensuing argument, NEW aided Kaskus. They did so without our knowledge, and doing so not only violated our treaty, it was an act of war on both NSO and NPO. A discussion between myself and Vibi took place, one which resulted in two conflicting yet similar sets of Facebook logs. I am not here to argue that today. The fact remains that, whether NEW directly asked us to come in or not, they had committed us to a war without our knowledge. We voted to cancel the treaty and honor the cancellation period. I contacted Non Grata and NPO and offered them a deal: Should NEW attack NPO or NG aggressively, BFF would enter for two or three rounds and fight a nonnuclear war. This would have done enormous damage to us, as we were smaller than either of the other alliances. However, should NEW have been attacked by NPO, we would have defended to our fullest capability until the last of our nations was a burnt crisp. We would honor the defense part, but did not feel as though we owed them the honor of the aggression part after they violated our treaty. 


Conflicting logs surfaced and I was put on trial and suspended from the forums. Lord Boris, the only one with the ability to fix my mask, was away for most of the day dealing with something called "real life", and by the time he returned there was nothing that could be done. Long-alienated members of BFF took their leave to refound FEAR, something they had planned for quite some time. Wolfpack members did the same, although nobody was really aware that they were upset to begin with and we suspect a lot of their decision was fueled by OWF drama. Tensions skyrocketed, and after presenting my case to what remained of BFF's government, I was dismissed of the charges and readmitted to the alliance. BFF was draining, fast, and we knew that she could not survive the loss of the majority of government, plus my own PR disaster which essentially rendered me unable to lead for more than an emergency time. We made the brash decision to merge with our close friends at The International, and neglected to discuss it with our members first. We were unsure if our forums would remain up, and frankly didn't know what else to do. We should have taken it slow, but hindsight is 20/20. 


It became clear that BFF wasn't ready to die and that the merger was premature. I decided, for the good of my friends, to leave CN and allow myself to be made a scapegoat. Unfortunately, some friends in MK persuaded me to stay at the last minute, and I went to their halls. 


BFF staggered on for several months until it was finally taken out back like Old Yellar and put out of its misery, coming back as a zombie known as Los Pollos Hermanos. LPH was a final attempt to keep the old gang together. Unfortunately, the scandal above had erased any inkling of passion I had for CN politics, and Deebo felt the same. The alliance stagnated, sputtered, and as of today, died. 


After 5+ years together, the gang has gone home. A few of us remain scattered in CN, but we will likely never again unite under one roof. May LPH and the dream she represented rest in peace. 


We hold no ill-will toward any past allies or enemies. We wish the best for FEAR and Wolfpack, and hope we shall see them someday on the other side of the sun. 


Submitted this 29th day of November, 2013,


Ernesto Che Guevara -- "Chax"

Authorized to post by Kongo Jack -- "Deebo", final government member of LPH


Rest in peace, love. It was a good ride. 

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Well, we never did get along much. A combination of many events that both sides knowingly contributed caused the relationship between myself and the elements of BFF to be sour from the get go. I applaud you for realizing that my former alliance USN and my current alliance UPN responded to Europa's formation in the matter we best saw fit.


One needs to only look to USN and UPN's history to see why I'm very annoyed with government members abdicating their positions in a time of crisis. I took a very harsh view of this situation as I did in both of those situations. I tend to look down on those that do that sort of thing because I've built my political career on serving the membership, not myself. When we tried to keep UCN on its feet in the waning hours of its existence, it was clear that a few members were displeased with what happened and genuinely tried to rebuild it. That alone was enough to toss every flag in my moral playbook onto the field.


Back during the Peggysus Crisis, the UPN had a similar situation in which government members made questionable choices in abdicating their positions to form another alliance. In this situation, I also made incredibly damaging, sweeping attacks against Pegasus because of their blatant disregard for the membership of UPN that had fractured because of their actions. In spite of this, we managed to persevere as an alliance, arguably stronger than before.


Yet, at the same time, I realize that my anger toward Pegasus was extremely harsh. I played no small part in the eventual dissolution and systematic destruction of their nations. I played a part in destroying a membership, in stark contrast to my inner morals.


The same thing happened with Europa and LPH with me. I took an extremely harsh view of both alliances because of the UCN dissolution and the questionable decisions that came after. As much as I tried to maintain a decent public face when talking to elements of Europa and, more recently, LPH, I still had very harsh opinions on your alliances.


Unfortunately, LPH's (previously Europa's) and UPN's political squabbles only intensified and repeatedly worsened despite my attempts to stop it. Regardless of my feelings, I still hold loyalty to the membership as tantamount to an alliance's governing, so I tried to stop runaway escalation of tensions between us when I could. When it comes down to it, there is no reason that LPH and UPN couldn't be friends. Any squabbles that our governments had were selfish, myself included. I realized it but there was, unfortunately, very little that could be done by any one person.


The upshot here is that we all made rampant mistakes during this era. Neither government seemed capable of actually opening a dialogue. Some tried, but maybe we didn't try nearly enough to do so. I still can't say that I'm sad that LPH is finally gone, you did cause us no small amount of grief, but I realize that this is the product of feelings that are better left buried. If anything, this situation proves that I didn't do nearly enough in the early days of Europa and LPH to put my own feelings aside and attempt to repair relations between two estranged memberships.


So, I can't say sorry to see you go, but I can say that I'm sorry that I couldn't do more to repair the fractures that were present between us. Seeing a membership, even LPH, collapse is not something that I enjoy. If we could do it all again, maybe you'd still be a strong alliance and we'd be friends. Maybe we'd be fighting alongside each other in the current war, passing each other war aid, and watching the nukes fall on our enemies together.


Good luck out in the world and in your future alliances, that's the least I can offer a membership that now has no home to return to.

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In the alliance BFF, Europa was a too ambitious, flew too close to the sun. I wish things had turned out differently, perhaps if Lord Boris and I weren't both dragged away by 'the other world' we could have weathered the storm. Alas, we will never know. :(

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See ya.
What ever happened to Tarkin?


He's in GATO now. Heh.

I assure you that this had nothing to do with me.  :ph34r: You should take a look at his war record though, he has lots of attention. :)



Sad to see you go and not be able to keep things together, LPH. Best of luck in your future endeavors. 

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This could have happened under more favourable circumstances; LPH disbanded today, not BFF after all though I concede the final nail in this coffin was nailed in months ago and not by Deebo. Nothing but goodwill should be afforded to those of LPH whom continue to look for another 'fix'.


I also apologise for neglecting you guys. I really wanted to get to know you guys, both before and after gov drama and your leaving will be yet another irreplaceable loss for the community as a whole.

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