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  1. Glad you're still around Mogar My life is a series of those.
  2. I have no idea where I should be politically but burn them to the ground PB, godspeed.
  3. The world needs bastards or we'll all go crazy from boredom.
  4. Or when Europa didn't call you guys in during NEW/DF and people got pissed. Find a better CB if you want a war, don't be lazy.
  5. I come back from inactivity to see IC in ODN gov. My heart is warmed.
  6. The pain of defeat is nothing next to the utter discomfort caused by a case of global war blueballs.
  7. Heh, this was a mistake. Just kidding, I honestly have no idea what the web looks like these days. Go get 'em, STA. Have fun.
  8. I might just have to do that. :) I promised Invicta I'd join them a long, long time ago if I ever left (whatever alliance I was in at the time). I didn't join them. It's finally time for me to pay off that debt. RIP me.
  9. If I have any control over it Jorost will continue to embarrass himself for all of CN to enjoy.
  10. Jorost posted this on the Invicta forums. Not sure what it is because my speakers aren't working but it might contain some awesome information lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d8VBqYYG51s
  11. Not back pain! Anything but back pain!
  12. I think we all know the bottom line here is that this treaty isn't about two alliances with a deep mutual past. It isn't about former enemies joining forces and fighting together. No. This treaty? This treaty is about ethics in gaming journalism. That's all there is to it, folks. edit: keel you know you're the only one that can set my ship a-sailin' at flank speed ;) edit 2: I'm talking about sexual arousal, btw.
  13. The following policies have been enacted by the State to protect and preserve this institution and those within it. Europa is comprised of mostly war criminals and the like. This game is a prison to us. The themes sorta meshed and it was easy to do this. Structure of Europa: The Chair: The Chair is the top member or three members in the alliance in terms of political and game experience, and also if somebody thinks they'd be good at it. They direct the alliance if needed. Death Row: Older members, experienced members, people we like, etc. Death Row inmates can be assigned to tasks such as Foreign Affairs, Laundry, and Defense. They can also request to be given The Chair. If one of the chairs wants to stand down, they can. Otherwise, we start arguing and maybe change things. GenPop: Everybody else. We sign treaties when we mostly agree we should. We go to war in the same manner, unless via a treaty obligation. That's about it. Currently myself, MoSW and Deebo are the chairs. Death row is the rest of the alliance LOL
  14. Congrats gang, glad you've proven me wrong and stuck around this long. :)
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