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  1. Surprised to see this considering the relationship between FTW/FEAR and NEW. Also why do you bother with declaration on forums if there are no wars launched in-game?
  2. it's not that big deal, i remember it happens like yearly twice, not to common, so it's 2x3x100=600 extra tech in a year.
  3. I have a few questions about this new initiative. The idea seems good to me, less multies make a better game, but i have a some concerns. 1. You say that the top cheater guy gained 24,5k tech in a year by multies alone. With perfect slot effiency you can get 36x600=21600 tech in a year. If you are right that someone gained 24,5k tech in a year by aid, then you have bigger problems than multies, if not then your calculations are wrong. 2. Do you investigate nations who were banned previously or do you look for all active nations who seems to be on free tech? 3. What about nations, who proved
  4. Not 1 mil ns is the big number, by playing long enough anyone can reach it, but the 428 effiency is the real deal, you don't even see anyone else over 300 (like no war and max donation Dulra is at 250) meanwhile Cuba has the most casualties too by fighting many wars, sometimes as an underdog.
  5. An update soon would be nice, the last global war and the WTF skirmish filled a few graveyards.
  6. Go to edit my nation. You will see a lot of stuff. Among a lot of things you can choose "war is an option" or "i do not want to be attacked". Choose the second and you are in the safest place of cn. Peace mode is underrated.
  7. FAN is trying to play the tough guy, business as usual.
  8. Anyone with less than 10 bil is a beggar.
  9. Not sure about GOP being real neutrals, but they are real fighters for sure. Keep up the good work guys!
  10. Yeah clearly something is broken my soldier costs are $22,69, while tanks cost are $2144,86. I'm not sure that it's calculating wrc effect twice or something like that, because it looks a bit random how it's calculated for others, but it's definitely not soldier cost x 40.
  11. Your high tier did nothing when ODN's big guys rolled NpO's high tier and you also didn't help TOP when RnR's 100k guys attacked them. You had the opportunity to fight enemy high tiers in defense of allies, but you didn't, so don't complain.
  12. Or maybe Steve just wanted to hurt some people, then sold stuff to get out of the range of much bigger nations :P Also if people would post screenshots about the stats i would say thanks. And it would be fun to see the change by weeks.
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