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  1. Unfortunately there was also no Imperial Proclamation that you should shut up.
  2. Levistus, you're a cool guy and all but we're looking for more targets, not less :P
  3. I wouldn't go as far as to say they were a threat (considering the political position they put themselves in) but they do deserve some slapping for what they did. Which they are getting.
  4. Aren't we exhagerating with all this circus over this idiot?
  5. Like it never happened before :P
  6. I am sure we'll have our share of your blood before this is over, don't worry. The wait only adds up the interest.
  7. Dajobo you're trying too hard. Usually more is less.
  8. And then waste the opportunity of pointing out the political and diplomatic inneptitude of your alliance? But, to be honest, it makes me extremely happy that we don't have any treaty obligation towards you.
  9. Assuming anyone would want to sign anything with Aftermath any more than they want to sign with MI6? Yes, can't miss some war thrash talking. Find me on IRC :)
  10. It might not be obvious but we did want to all out fight SNX.
  11. I am no government but, looking at your profile as victim, I bet it was NPKJIl, ruler is milkmanrox. If that was the case, you should relax and I'll laugh a bit.
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