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  1. We honestly appreciate the sacrifice
  2. [quote name='Lord Boris' timestamp='1342558597' post='3011269'] Welp, time to roll Polar again. [/quote] They're probably in peace mode by now.
  3. [quote name='D34th' timestamp='1342132063' post='3009387'] Is NG fighting all these alliances alone? Congrats! [/quote] Technically I believe we demolished Apparatus upper tier and hit a few nations here and there but yeah, it's undoubtedly a good job from NG.
  4. [quote name='President S O' timestamp='1338281561' post='2974006'] Seems like a waste of a pip. But if that's what Umbrella wants... Congratulations. [/quote] You just need to look at it with persistence and want something to happen. True Story.
  5. [quote name='Duncan King' timestamp='1337049551' post='2967566'] Dude, NATO was almost 4 years ago now. Arguing about Score and NS is one thing but arguing about aid slots seems so pointless because there's only so much alliances can do to control that. At the end of the day, people are going to do whatever they want with their slots. Encouraging nations to buy infra and tech a certain way is one thing but controlling aid slots is like advanced cat herding. Watching people argue about it is kind of like watching a meteorologist brag about the weather. [/quote] You probably never not
  6. [quote name='Roquentin' timestamp='1336657349' post='2965878'] I also unironically agree with Illustrious' comment and Umbrella should disband. [/quote] Not before the world ends.
  7. [quote name='supercoolyellow' timestamp='1336631302' post='2965738'] MCXA has now passed Umbrella in slot usage efficiency. Right now its 73% to their 71%. [/quote] The question is, can you keep it up?
  8. [quote name='kingly' timestamp='1336135855' post='2963389'] We need a new survivor round, but this time using % of used aid slots [/quote] Well
  9. [quote name='King Penchuk' timestamp='1329318778' post='2921056'] Now that the ugly DH pip will be gone soon, it is just a matter of time before Fark is re-sanctioned as well. [/quote] Removing the DH pip seems a legit CB to me. See you in a bit Legion.
  10. [quote name='King Penchuk' timestamp='1329190801' post='2919808'] Any day now we will see a shiny new Legion pip. [/quote] I'm sure that can be fixed [quote name='kriekfreak' timestamp='1329225908' post='2920224'] Nuke survivor would be cool I'm guessing with so many alliances actually re-stocking. [/quote] That'd be unfair. Right now Umbrella is at 99.28% of its nuke capacity and we only sit on the 6th largest nuke stockpile of CN. We can't buy much more or get more unless we recruited, which we don't
  11. Sorry MK, we're doing it again today.
  12. I think we're gonna cause some impact tomorrow.
  13. Deinos for sanctioned alliance 2012.
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