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  1. Let's do a happy dance!

  2. I love you, baby. I need you, baby. Please come back to me tonight, baby.

    1. Orioni
    2. Orioni


      Even after all these years.

  3. Good Night, Sweet Princess.

  4. Hello there, my love.

  5. Not sure if I'll be on. :( *hugs*

  6. # To warm a lonely night

    # I love you, baby

    Just singing a song here. I'm not at home right now, but could be on in a few hours, if you're in for a chat. *hugs*

  7. Are you on MSN? Want to talk there?

  8. And if it's quite all right

    I need you baby

  9. Orioni

    New Forums!

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  10. ...and let's add a when/if it ever happens. Not that I doubt it or anything, it's just seemed like a dream for so long now. :D

  11. Hi there. A quick message to inform you the image in your signature is bigger than forum rules allow (max. 450x150px). Just letting you know so you can edit it before trouble arrives. Take care.

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