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  1. Being sick sucks, and I'm sorry to see this. I'd bring you soup gladly, but you know...states away. Tea helps (and any other warm, steamy liquids). Especially Echinecea tea (with honey). It's good for your health and your soul. Get well soon.
  2. Ovidsidios

    Rot in hell buddy

    You're doing it wrong...
  3. But isn't the feeling of acceptance just a perpetuation of the irony? I mean if you remind yourself daily of this, wouldn't the real victory be not to know? Because if knowing is pointless anyway, why bother? I still love this song, and you sir have a very eloquent grasp of the English language. This was a nice post. Kudos for posting the image of the original Medieval Manuscript. Maybe you should have Tywinn stop by so that he can get his daily dosage of "reality"...
  4. So you wish to convey to others a sense of confidence and mettle (hehe) by having them listen to a song that reminds one that life is pointless, entropy is unavoidable, and the universe is filled with callous and causal destruction. Bravo sir
  5. Loki, consider the life of a hermit. Perhaps in the wilds of the wilderness you will gaze upon a vision in the sky. For though you know you're purpose and mission, you haven't the slightest idea how to get there. A will can only go so far, before the way becomes impossible. Then again, if anything is to be gained from this, it's that you wont listen to this advice anyways. I pity those who've tried to help you: You are now a penitent prophet, seeking the path of enlightenment and redemption. Follow the path laid by those before you, that you may gleam from their lives the steps to succeed in yours.
  6. There I fixed it for you. We all have our personas to keep up, and I understand that you are the little man behind "the giant", throwing fighting words, propaganda, and falsities around because size defends you. Why does your military stance dictate peace? Is it because your journalism behooves nations to censure you? Naturally you responded with a revolutionary order (and something about freedom of speech?), and how went it? For a man so in tune with the times, you sure seem to be missing a very obvious correlation. Why doesn't the OP broadcast us an analysis between the relation of utterly erroneous journalism, and not being an authoritative source. I'm sure you wont need to look far for reference...
  7. Honestly you have no idea the motives behind DBDC. I know this is not what DBDC wants, and I know you've got it all wrong. But my association will abjure my credentials simply because I seem like their pal, and you will go on vomiting these lies because you're vested in the side that wants everyone to band against DBDC. I hate the news because they're blatantly one sided. Now I know it's just a preference among lazy journalists to never get facts straight, and assert truth by mere speculation. Why don't you actually sit down with "the beast" and actually get to know them. If you're gonna bleeping write articles and be unpopular, at least be unpopular in opinion, than in both opinion and methodology. I'd much rather be an unpopular academic from my opinion, than because people know I'm both wrong and terrible at what I do.
  8. I believe they were referring to the context. As in, "please don't try this combination unless..." Because that's what they do, I suppose. Typical Neo
  9. Clearly you all have not read the gospel of the prophet Outkast. Which doth readth: Clearly, since the olden age, this brother be preaching about how (though maidens fair) women be not always fine n'$hit. Wake up before her one morning, like before she's got makeup on n'stuff, and you'll be like "damn, wench, whence cometh thy ass?" Trust me, dem !@#$%*e's !@#$ stank
  10. Or teachers discipline with greater severity the most talented. Did you know a spinning square depicts as an illusion a circle?
  11. Hahahaha, wasn't there a parade when he came out from where ever he dwells, and people twirled for pages discussing whether it was or wasn't the real Moldavi? You think it's just propaganda that's filled the space between his ears? I had a respectfully long discussion with some member about the olden days and Moldavi. People talk him up. Plus he's probably getting kind of old, so he might have some of that "back in my day..." aura floating around him.
  12. The words, how they flow like sewage. Please sir, though many would contend, I say not your words are sewage. Simply, when I imagined how fluid your poetry flowed together, I couldn't help but think of !@#$. Just an ungodly amount of filth. Again, no false correlations here. Just is a coincidence, friend.
  13. It's like deep !@#$ man. SupEr, like, META. the patterns, they're like, idiots talking ha ha like the turtles Only with idiots all the way down. so as it began:
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