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It was discussed here.


Its time this was decided, if only so the wiki historians can sort out their edits. As a note, Bye-Polar seemed to have general support in the thread, so its the first choice. Winter war (Obviously) is second choice followed by others that were thrown around.

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Vengeance War could work, sounds better than Grudge War considering the Avengers moniker TOP and IRON gave themselves at the start.

Every second war seems to be the Winter War and the last three options on the poll are terrible.

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Grudge War does sound sort of plain. It's the most accurate (and least cliche :P ) to cover the entire conflict, though (don't even know how many grudges have been mentioned in DoW's). TOP/IRON v. Polar... Fark/FAN v. Pacifica... Invicta/BAPS v. Sparta... WAPA v. STA... DT/RoK/etc. v. CSN... and whoever else.

Need to think up alterations along those lines. Payday... Griever Gale... Vindictive Volley... The Great Requital/Reproach/Retaliation... The Complaint Contention... Antagonight... Bane Brawl... Rival Ruckus... Vengeance Vex... Grumble in the Jungle. Grub Gate maybe, if you want to ignore the random grudges and go back to the start.

Are there no better options in the halls of human vocabulary? :v:

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[quote name='supercoolyellow' timestamp='1325712317' post='2892602']
I'm really surprised people are voting for Grudge War, I thought Winter War would be far more popular.

All the talk of winter leading up to it really soured people on winter for years to come. We could come up with a better word to say grudge, but it would carry negative connotations for one side. I think 'grudge' is as negative as we should get.

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Someone please think of something better than Grudge War.
[quote name='Krack' timestamp='1325676016' post='2892240']
I like "Grudge War I: [i]The War to End All Grudges[/i]".
This is tolerable. :v:

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[quote name='kriekfreak' timestamp='1325679841' post='2892248']
Winter war rolls of the tongue so much easier.


[quote name='Fort Pitt' timestamp='1325729346' post='2892906']
"Winter Came"

Not really a title though, but it gets the point across.

That sounds a tad suggestive. Do you know anybody named Winter?

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