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  1. You're a saint, this world needs more compassion like this
  2. The Equilibrium coalition was a very cynical affair of a number of different groups who didn't trust one another working towards a common goal, which was toppling Doom House. The problem is that NPO was working to establish a postwar hegemony where they would inherit C&G from DoomHouse and turn around and attack their erstwhile allies in the part of the Equilibrium Coalition not controlled by them. It was for this reason that NPO granted C&G a free hand to counter whoever they wanted without any retaliation. The purpose of this was to enable a dual purpose war, where C&G would be preserved intact, C&G could destroy various elements of XX and SF disliked by NPO, DoomHouse would be degraded (but not badly degraded, there was originally a strict list of who was allowed to attack MK for instance) and the biggest losers of the war would be Polar, XX and SF. For some reason everyone assumed that the Polar, SF and XX parts would not see through this and let everyone screw us all over. On the day that C&G was countered, NPO actually threatened to switch sides. This is the reason the war ended relatively quickly, as the master plan of Brehon had gone straight to hell. The relatively quick peace was to save C&G, their supposed opponents, from damage. The cynicism of the war was such that the leaders of Equilibrium were on much better terms with most of their opponents than they were with most of their coalition allies.
  3. Apologies to my opponents, I forgot about the war and ended up playing Shadowrun Hong Kong
  4. I write letters to the server farm through the postal service, I live in a bunker deep beneath the desert with no electricity
  5. Sup bro, I've returned briefly to the world too
  6. That sounds lame, where do I upgrade my weapons
  7. Where is the win button, usually there's a button where I pay dolar and win game
  8. Plz halp don't know how 2 play game
  9. Yeah it updates every 12 hours, in the early morning and then in the afternoon, CN time
  10. I could probably do warstats for that haha, we've still got the data
  11. Lucky for you guys it's pretty easy for me to set these things up http://rialliance.net/warstats.php
  12. As a disease ridden zombie myself, I approve of these shenanigans.
  13. Knights Order - Havins secured what looks like almost a complete trade circle, and active a mere week ago, this guy is one to watch out for, especially considering it looks like he does a tech deal from time to time. The creme de la creme. Bulgarian Tribune - heading towards inactivity with no trade partners, the prospects for this alliance look grim for this former Polar refugee. Confederate States of America - Defying recent controversy, Confederate Carolina nonetheless appears to be heading towards the dustbin of history as well The United Powers - You can't beat the unity of one dude, and the impenetrable peace mode shield provides protection while the alliance's 65 man armed forces chillax to the max Council of Elements - Apparently active though also apparently confused as to the appropriate amount of tech to send in a tech deal, or how the trade system works, the Council soldiers on! The Commonwealth - With the recent grant of 2000 soldiers and a few radios from a random Pacifican, this Pacifican dropout boasts an impressive military for the utter crap tier they dominate with an iron fist. Move aside, Francograd. The Aegis - The fierce defenders dare anyone to challenge their brave soldiers and 2 tanks. ANIME - The ever present weeaboo threat manifests itself again in ANIME, which appears to be composed of a great deal of computer equipment in a single building near a cattle farm and a fishing dock. Socialist state of Vijot - Creeping socialism infiltrates the crap tier, surely to infect their neighborstates Nelborne Union - Locked in a life or death struggle with the ruthless forces of some random guy Socratic Union - Apparently no more nations grace the Socratic Union, perhaps they drank poisoned hemlock The Baldwin Alliance - Another Baldwin brother? Sadly we shall never know, no nations left here either Tychrome - A sad tale of another ghost alliance Potato Alliance - Ahh the noble potato, now there's something worth fighting for UNHOLY SOULS - Unholy souls need trade partners 6AC - In a sad tale of woe, this noble alliance has been destroyed by some noob from UPN. For them, it was armageddon, for UPN, it was a Saturday. Band of Misfits - someone who knows how to tech deal? Watch this space as they rocket out of the crap tier. Amarachians - With a 1.5 million dollar grant from some random and a war fought over their highly strategic fur hat reserves, tis a life frought with peril and opportunity Axis - Latvian nazis? This spells trouble United Freemasons - Illuminati! Luckily it looks like GOD is on the job New Reich - More Nazis!
  14. I'm frothing mad I tell you, I'm so mad I'm going to go eat a sandwich, angrily
  15. So when is Sparta launching their counterattack to the horrible warmongering from WTF?
  16. I've become the new Delta, people hated it when I replaced him :v So I guess now Celly is the new Ogaden
  17. When did this happen? o_O edit: I checked out wiki, we've been incredibly lazy apparently and the war result hasn't even been edited in
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