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  1. cept on sunday between the hourse of 9am to 1pm cause we are hung over
  2. apparently Polar bears are a thing
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dksiusa6PTw
  4. ...But on a budget cause this economy isnt looking so great
  5. Why would anyone still play this game? Its more dead then the Starcraft 2 Esports scene OH SNAP, i went there
  6. Snowmen have peepers, peepers to watch for our moment of weakness then BAM! What happens then? Oh wouldnt you like to know
  7. Im Polar and theres no cure DUN DUN DUUUNNNNNNN
  8. Zombie horde? Can we put saddles on them and ride them as epic mounts? cause that needs to be an option i think
  9. 148 to go So yeah Polar...ummm PENGUINS AND POLARS BEARS YO SH*TS NEXT LEVEL
  10. your kidding me right? no? sigh here we go again ROUND 2
  11. http://www.cybernations.net/alliance_display.asp?ID=11226 6 nations between 2k and 100ns gonna be a tall order to Zi them all but on the plus side any nation below 300ns i will count them Zi'd if you half their NS
  12. 6 mil bounty on Zi'ing the GJO extra 100 tech if you quote the word "DARK FORCE RISING" in any or all of the DOW's
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