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  1. The Historian in me is having a conniption. Not sure how to post this IC, but as its a response to the theme, I'll just spoiler it. If you are offended, don't click the spoiler :P [spoiler] 18th century armies were by and large very small as it was hard for countries at the time to provide the necessary food and ammunition to field large bodies of Line Infantry. The US was no exception to this, though far more then 3% of the population fought at any one point of time. They just did not fight in the Continental Army as Congress could 1. Not pay them, 2. Not feed them, and 3. Not provide them with sufficient ammo. It was not until the French Revolutionary Wars that Western countries began developing the concept of national conscription and mass mobilization of resources. [/spoiler] Anyhow, lesson over, congrats on the DoE.
  2. Fighting one now. My nukes blast about 60 tech a go, but there are other WRC nations of a similar NS as me that can blast for 100 tech on our side. http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=231572 if we assume that this fellow is going to be nuked every day, he will be out of tech in about 3-4 weeks depending.
  3. They can't. That is the point. At a minimum they can declare on 3 nations each, but that depends on them not being in Anarchy and not getting swarmed and being forced to fight 6 nations at once.
  4. This has been mentioned in other threads, but I feel it deserves a discussion all its own. Mainly, the merit of belief that a war can be won, and power can be gained, solely by powerful upper tiers that for the most part, constitute the vast minority of nation strength and population of nations in the game. In referencing the "Upper tier stats" threads, the focus has solely been on 508 nations spread across every belligerent alliance in the war. As a matter of population, this comes out to around 7.88% of the entire belligerent population of the game. Of that roughly 8%, a little over half (around 5%) are from the Competence Coalition. While these nations are indeed powerful, they constitute the minority of power, on both sides of the conflict. While DH does indeed have a plurality of upper tier nations compared to other power spheres, this plurality only translates into a few percentage points of the overall population of the game and an even smaller percentage of the nations actually fighting. This fact forces us to ask a critical question. What is the goal of war? In its simplest term, the goal of war is to destroy the enemy. Whoever that enemy happens to be, and however you choose to define destruction. Be it in pure stats or in political terms. History shows though, that the former strongly influences the latter. And ultimately, after everything is said in done, the most important stat in this game is not tech. It is not money, it not infra. It is membership. An alliance without membership is doomed to irrelevance and disbandment. And an alliance, no matter how top heavy in stats with regards to upper tiers, cannot hope to maintain power in this game without a membership base to draw on for support. Be it for sending out diplomats, running government programs or replacing bored senior officials who cannot be bothered anymore. The fact that this base is being destroyed by Equilibrium should be cause for concern on the part of Competence. What should be more concerning though is not only is the vast majority of their base being destroyed, this same base also constitutes the majority of their raw nation strength power. Why is it upper tier nations are being forced to spend billions of dongs to try and stay above the fray? Because they know their is nothing underneath them but a swarm of destruction. Equilibriums upper tier by comparison, has no such fear. ZI is not a death a sentence. It is a salvation. An EQ upper tier nation that is ZI's is safe to restock nukes and rest. A Competence upper tier nation that is ZI'd is swarmed upon and must spend huge amounts of money to try and escape, being pounded on all the way back to the top. You cannot be a power with a foundation of Sand. Already the mid and lower tiers of Competence are beginning to collapse. Many a WRC armed nation is facing a shortage of tech, and within a few weeks will be below the critical 500 tech level where things become exceptionally dangerous for any mid tier nation. Especially those with WRC's that cease to be a benefit and become a monetary drain. All the while being unable to attack the strong mid tier power base of Equilibrium, that constitutes the vast majority of the belligerant population and as an aggregate is presently 272.8% more powerful then Competence.
  5. Pretty much this. Most alliances are at war, but not all are at "war" so the GRL reflects this. Was hoping for triple digits too :(
  6. its hard to tell where OOC ends and IC begins. I seriously doubt must of us our Role Platying, either in the IC forums are the OOC forums. Honestly the difference is essentially meaningless. For example, I seriously doubt various people have to "roleplay" their dislike for certain alliances.
  7. We need to be more understanding. Hormones is fighting 3 nations who have 20 nukes each with just the nukes he can buy once a day. It has to be galling. Especially on nights when he can't get through the SDI.
  8. This is pure wishful thinking. You must be higher then a kite if you think NPO/DR does not have political will, and since we're the major focus of the war, just how pray tell do you plan on breaking the will of Aft/XX/SF et al? FFS, many of them are gaining ranks in the Sanction Race, not losing it. DH put all their eggs in one basket for the most part and tried to roll Ai. At the peak we were around 400 active wars, now down in the mid 100's at this point. So, how exactly do you plan on breaking the political will?
  9. Actually, the numbers are not saying that. As an average of all the nations involved DH and friends is sustaining well over twice as much damage as Equilibrium. The fact that you have sustained slightly more damage as a total number with so many nations in peace mode out of your already fewer numbers is pretty bad from where I sit. You've done 30 million damage to around. 5,000 nations is not the same as sustaining 30 million damage to 1700 nations.
  10. Average NS loss for Equilibrium. -822,184 Average NS loss for Competence -2,327,547 And that is with half the Competence Coalition in peace mode.
  11. Personally, I would settle for an admission that using Ai as a shooting range for bored Umbrella members is actually a really bad idea :P
  12. This war was over the moment the first shot was fired. Like in chess, we are in the end game. You guys are making each move but everyone playing and everyone watching knows that the end result will be checkmate unless our side makes an enormous screw up. Which incidentally, is very unlikely to happen.
  13. Why would the situation change post war exactly? If as you say, you manage to stay in the mega upper tier, the only people you could conceivably attack are GPA. And trying to prevent other alliances from growing into range of you would just cause your rank and file to get massacred again. I am sure they relish the idea of repeatedly being sacrificed for your stats.
  14. Tech is also much harder to replace effectively. At the rate Umbrella is losing tech, they will be out of it come fall.
  15. The arguments here also ignore the fact that doing the same amount of damage is not enough for DH to win this, since "doing the same damage" to 30 odd alliances is way different to "the same damage" to 12 or so.
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