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  1. Fort Pitt


    [center][img]http://thedarktemplar-cn.com/forum/uploads/monthly_01_2013/post-25-0-09120100-1357173700.gif[/img][/center] 1904. A significant year in history, 1904 was full of historically important events.[list] [*]CQD was established as the first international standard for distress signals. [*]The Great Baltimore Fire destroyed over 1500 buildings. (Unfortunately not all of Baltimore) [*]The Japanese surprise attack a Russian Port and proceeded to kick Russo ass. [*]The U.S. buys the Panama Canal Zone for $10,000,000 [*]Dr. Seuss was born. [*]Kaiser Wilhelm II uses a Thomas Edison invention to make the first political recording of a document. [*]England and France got in bed together finally after nearly 1000 years of intermittent fighting. [*]Times Square is given its name. (Formerly Longacre Square) [*]FIFA was founded. [*]The Trans-Siberian Railroad was completed. [*]Teddy Roosevelt is elected. [/list] 1904 is also the number of days my nation has been in this game. 1904 is the limit. I am done, its been fun. A few shout outs: Stercus, you disgusting twisted !@#$%^&. Good ole AC/DC times. Hunter you $%&@. Just kidding, have a good one, we always fought. Zzzptm, slick !@#$%^&. Almost got away with engineering a war to save a friend. Umbrae Nocetem or whatever your name is, you set up my former alliance, I always wanted to rogue you. Oh well. Myworld, gave me my home for the past almost 4 years here. Supa, Titan, best leadership duo I've seen. Everyone else, $%&@ off. Love you all. Respectfully, ~ Fort Pitt, Former Constitutional Committee, Senator, Chief Whip, Prime Minister, Triumvirate, Imperial Officer, MoFA, Deputy HToFA, HToD and Immortal Council [center][img]http://thestar.smgmedia.topscms.com/images/5f/d2/ba6d494c4743b4a10cc0fe2a35d3.jpeg[/img][/center]
  2. [quote name='Facade' timestamp='1348664947' post='3034308'] So unless I missed something over the last few years...you [url="http://forums.cybernations.net/?showtopic=65810"]downgraded?[/url] [/quote] Downgrading is the new upgrading, didn't you see that we're trend-setters?
  3. Here at DT, we change forums once every 9 months. It's like having a baby, except ours keep turning out deformed...
  4. Way to literally copy and paste my announcement on our forums. Congrats us!
  5. such a beautiful flag... :'( Best of luck guys.
  6. BTA is a terrible alliance. No sarcasm there. But nonethelesstical, raiding a real alliance isn't really a good idea. Guess this is deserved...? Happy hunting perhaps.
  7. o/ to the days when Noir actually meant something
  8. You see a sign in downtown Pittsburgh for the Fort Pitt Tunnel and think someone just highlighted you on IRC
  9. Responding to the OP. There was no OOC attack, I'm pretty sure that was made up. (I could be wrong) It was a dick move to declare hoo and kait ghosts. It was a slightly less dick move for kait to take down the forums. Moral of the story, RoK is dead, at least for now.
  10. [quote name='BloodFury' timestamp='1326937735' post='2902582'] No Smoothwater? This makes me sad. [/quote] He didn't run. He should have though.
  11. [quote name='Wu Tang Clan' timestamp='1326924443' post='2902363'] Agreeing with this. I suggest this government line-up: High Templar of Foreign Affairs: Bob High Templar of Defense: Bob High Templar of Financial Operations: Bob High Templar of Internal Affairs: Bob Triumvir: Bob, Bob, Fort Pitt [/quote] fixed it for ya
  12. I would like ask everyone to not use the old forums, even though they seem to be back up. They are not back to their full capacity and we are running everything through the new ones linked in the OP. Thanks.
  13. I saw TDE in the title and thought it was reformation of The Dark Evolution. I would have had to go rogue if that were the case. Best of luck.
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