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  1. It was a good fight! Time to rebuild...
  2. Yes, buying tech from 30-50, for example, ALWAYS costs the same regardless of how much tech you had before.
  3. Probably to differentiate between the fronts (LSF-NOR, MK-CSN, Umb-Fark, NG-RIA). What he said. They might change, though, as more alliances get attacked...
  4. DaveCon 3: Summer is Coming.
  5. And you said you changed your ways... [spoiler] [14:42] <LeeMan[Semi-away]> In all the channels [14:42] <LeeMan[Semi-away]> You [14:42] <LeeMan[Semi-away]> troll [14:42] <Jemmm> what [14:42] <LeeMan> "Names of channels go here" [14:42] <Jemmm> oh [14:42] <Jemmm> well im turning over to a new leaf [14:43] <Jemmm> I am very sorry for my actions sir [/spoiler] Uh huh...
  6. We are the New Pacific Order. Better than the Old Pacific Order JOIN US NOW
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