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  1. "Wale is meh" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YDTU5kdrruY That whole album is great really
  2. It's not about whether or not she'll end up being a good artist or how cute she is or isn't. If she continues doing this stuff, her life is going to revolve around being a celebrity. She's never going to have a proper childhood or know what it's like to be a real person. Her personality, ego, and worldview could become hugely distorted and she could end up becoming a terrible human being. Other little girls will see what she's doing and want to be like her, furthering the insane American cult of celebrity and the false belief that everyone is special and talented that's led to the hugely swoll
  3. Loki don't make me bring the task force down on your ass Peace and love
  4. Maybe being a politician should be seen as a service you do for others and not a career, and they should aim to do the right thing instead of the popular thing. That'll happen.
  5. I knew 2Pac wasn't dead
  6. Keep your head down, learn how stuff works, and generally act like an intelligent human being and you will be treated as such.
  7. I like how you think bin Laden was somehow worse than Muhammad and that you're still stuck in the "angsty atheist" phase.
  8. As much of a pessimist as I am, I must say that these are the only sorts of events you really hear about. You don't generally see news stories about human kindness; sensationalist stories about horrible acts of cruelty get ratings and sell newspapers. So, maybe, our perceptions of the world are distorted in a negative fashion by stories like this, and things aren't as bad as we're led to believe. Or maybe I'm full of !@#$.
  9. It is pretty great. I stole it from someone else though.

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