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Christmas Eve's Council

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Since we [url=http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=107583]had a change of forums[/url], our elections were delayed by two weeks and have thus just concluded. On behalf of our Order, I want to thank all those who ran and especially my former colleague GuardianOfNewbs for bearing with me on a daily basis. To those who got elected, I offer my most sincere congratulations.

Here is the new Paradoxian Council:
Grandmaster: Bodvar Jarl
Grand Chancellor: VektorZero
Grand Hospitaller: Maladieshie

And our famed Heptagon:
Aesis, Carl The Conqueror, Centurius, Deus, Jenko, Megamind and Triyun.

Praise be to Johan,

P.S: Incase you just missed the subtle URL, our new forums are http://www.orderoftheparadox.net/

Edited by Yevgeni Luchenkov
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[quote name='Roquentin' timestamp='1324760900' post='2885793']
Bodvar? Is it a retro thing? Congrats. Ironically, our lines of thinking were probably a lot similar than we could have thought.
With the large cycle of life coming back to 2007 (GPA being first, etc.), it is only natural that we bring back our old 2007-era leaders.

Expect G2A soon.

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[quote name='Skippy' timestamp='1324777661' post='2885928']
Vektor's risen through the ranks pretty fast, good to see he hasn't been able to retire :P

I was just about to comment on that. Very impressive Vektor. I look forward to seeing what the new administration bring for TOP.

Enjoy the break Yev.

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It's an honor being elected to the position of Grand Chancellor and following in the footsteps of the many greats that occupied the position. I plan on fulfilling my duties to the fullest not only for myself but as a thank you to TOP for taking me in, despite the negative connotations that I gained in other places.

Again. Thank you

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