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  1. Still somewhat alive

  2. [quote name='Thalayk' timestamp='1349675482' post='3038527'] Today is an epic day. Congrats to The Imperial Order [/quote]Thank you, 'tis very awesome indeed
  3. Yes, I am indeed.

  4. I see a Rotavele :o

  5. [quote name='MitchellBade' timestamp='1305427781' post='2711972'] And this time with less Skippy! [/quote] I totally re-refounded TIO, whilst still being a part of NPO. Huzzah!
  6. +10 points for your avatar, it gets a laugh out of me every time I see it ;)

  7. We thought we'd fight those who were actually a threat. Thanks for caring though <3
  8. Skippy


    Oh I remember you! Welcome back
  9. You know, I haven't agreed too much with MP on the OWF, but with this, I agree entirely.
  10. Jgoods is immoral

  11. #TIO needs moar Mia :(

  12. You'll like our latest announcement :P

  13. [quote name='Utracia' timestamp='1287278777' post='2486142'] Good start for us I see, thank you for giving us Bern back TIO [/quote] Yeah, great time for us to lose a nuclear member He'll be back.... or we'll just have to "liberate" him.
  14. Scorponok (from TIO), he made quite a few sigs in that style for TIO members. He could probably make you one if you asked for it. He's actually pretty good these days with his graphics work.

  15. I'd wear it also, but I love my current sig too much :3

  16. You're the first person I've seen with it, so props for spreading the word better than him.

  17. Your sig, it is quite amusing :P

  18. Smooth move Nippy :P

  19. lol... I just saw your new sig, I am amused

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