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  1. Still somewhat alive

  2. Oh you're not all that bad, at least you have Jgoods back, wouldn't put you on the level of awfulness that NG sets at least.
  3. I hope this desire for a war flag is a sign of things to come. The neutral menace awakens?
  4. Dropped your standards GATO, that's a shame.
  5. British? I'm sure you'll end up with a 5 nill victory over them.
  6. Okay, I'll bite. 1. It's simple and effective, it gets the point across. Also accuracy of the image. 2. Defected is a hilariously inaccurate word to describe what went down. Put in my position, you'd know just why I didn't want anything to do with TIO anymore, and am more than happy to be at war with them now. 3. I've been "anti Rotavele" since you tried to get TIO (back when I was in it) rolled in the Dave war. You're quite aware of this. 4. What? Got anything else?
  7. All I can think of when I see Rotavele posts like this is
  8. So today, I check the OWF, and I see this jewel of a thread. My reaction is best summed up by my good friend Agent Smith. Unfortunately the war screen won't give us any evidence at the moment :P Speaking of which, can we expect to see Scorponok come out to the war at all? Or has he failed to sufficiently prepare his nation for a war yet again?
  9. Can't believe that I agree with you. This is unacceptable
  10. In case it wasn't already obvious, but TIO is in many ways a very different alliance to what it was back in those days. That was what, 2, 3 years ago when that treaty was last in effect? You're grasping at straws with that one.
  11. Glad you picked someone with at least more than half your NS... only just :P
  12. I actually might be able to like you again INT. Solid move.
  13. Good to see Dre4m up there, good luck guys! Still needs more Kubla though..
  14. Interesting move, I can see good things coming from this.
  15. Ah how could I forget, most of what you say these days is a joke anyway, I shouldn't have taken you seriously there. My bad. R&R MoFA, the polar opposite to the GPA MoDef? :P
  16. Abandoned is a bit of a harsh word, all things considered.
  17. I'm partly glad to see this finally be announced after the time I put into it back in TIO, surprised it went ahead after recent shenanigans, but yeah. Good luck R&R/NATO, I hope this works out for you, I still like you guys :) Disappointed you didn't call it Cerberus though >_>
  18. Making Moufassa gov quickly I can understand. But Spock? Damn LoSS, you crazy!
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