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  1. TLR must be real thankful rush doesn't represent them anymore.
  2. Well...since NPO was included as part of the Doomhouse coalition as per GOD's surrender terms, technically you were allies with DH for the duration of the conflict.
  3. I will raise you a WuT. There was no like, dislike or any element of major friendship between the majority of signatories prior to the creation of WuT, only common goals and aims. This can be shown as factual if we view the collapse of WuT as the result of these common goals and aims being fulfilled after GWIII. You don't have to have to be friends to work for the common goal. Heck, "friendship" in this realm is used as a hostage in most situations anyway.
  4. An ally shouldn't be someone you have to be able to trust completely. An ally should only be someone who you share a common cause or objective with on a temporary basis or measure. A friend however is someone you should be able to trust completely on a long term basis.
  5. And not every ally should be a friend I think.
  6. It's defamation of character. Simple stuff, free speech doesnt give you the right to say whatever you want. Like it or not, there are limitations on it and rightfully so.
  7. The dogma of vengeance shall prevail.
  8. The lack of Patton is disturbing.
  9. It's the beard isn't it? It's just to secksi!

  10. I keep thinking you are ezequiel

  11. Micros and protectorates are the cause of the decline. They clog up the treaty web, witness 07 when this game was fun and take a look at the web then. Wars happened because they could happen, these days wars take ages to occur because everyone is tied to nearly everyone else in some manner or fashion. A few alliances just need to go berserk and start attacking people causing a ripple effect like Attila the hun or something
  12. Only thing missing is a woman. How could you forget the most important thing to have? Who is going to bring the alcohol to you?
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