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  1. How do you manage to reach that conclusion?A smart strategy adapts to ever changing circumstances. If your coalition had the numbers to adapt I am sure it would too.
  2. List of priorities 1. Tell rush we are surrendering. 2. Fix internal problems. Moving on to serious matters, good luck Hooligans moving forward. You fought your fight and now you get to rebuild before the rest of us :P o/
  3. A merger is in the works I believe.
  4. here ya go. http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=74161
  5. We did gloat actually, someone, I think Baka worked out that the amount of aid sent to GOONs from umb was more than the reps NPO had to pay after karma ;)
  6. If it wasn't for dilber telling me the other night I would have forgot this war was still ongoing. Happy days!
  7. Oh my...this is priceless. Do some research champ ;)
  8. Pretty much and very few people actually do it. Never mind that most alliances couldn't do it if they even wanted to but that's besides the point.
  9. I have been here since 06 and the most infra I have ever had is 5k. Don't preach to me about losing wars pre-karma ;)
  10. I thought ODN was trying to get close to NPO?
  11. Not always, it has its uses at the lower tier when facing tech turrets. Ask amossio ;)
  12. I have seen a spy op of an umb nation who had something like 3.4 billion and 5 days later had 1.6 after rebuying lost infra on a daily basis along with paying the normal costs of war. One sec whilst I go check our records for it.
  13. Why do I get the feeling that after DH/friends have finally surrendered all we are going to see as topics post war is ' we surrendered but we won on stats'. News flash kids, stats don't win wars. 30 untouchable nations aren't going to win this war but the other 1500 or so nations the EQ coalition can touch will make defeat for DH/friends inevitable. If you are content to let your 99% burn in order to gain some silly advantage for the other 1% be my guest.
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