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  1. Heh, I initially misread the subject header as "Rolling in the Derp". Somewhat appropriate, I think, after reading some of these comments. Carry on gentlemen, pardon the intrusion.
  2. Myth is just being a grumpy-bum, disregard and keep these coming Lam, they're great
  3. Hopefully he got to nuke Sard before his nation vanished into the ether.
  4. This guy is in my range. How about you drop him a note asking that he comes out to play?
  5. You didn't answer my question. Why do you think that a person's beliefs should be automatically accorded respect? What reasoning have you applied to reach this conclusion?
  6. Various brands of religious belief have always been driven by fear-mongering, largely consisting of the fear that there will be nothing following the extinguishment of sentience, as far as I understand it, anyway. As you point out, there are certain brands of modern politics that peddle fear as well - fear of foreigners, fear of difference, fear of the other and of loss - such politicians often peddle their adherence to faith as well. Of course, what you don't point out is that there are secular and religious belief systems that don't involve such things but I suppose that might not fit into
  7. Yes, because one member of GOONS expressing his individual point of view in an OOC discussion about religion equates to an in-character persecution of an entire alliance composed of many individuals with different views and faiths
  8. Why do you think that a person's beliefs should be automatically accorded respect? What if they believe in sacrificing people to their god? Or in a system that promotes homophobia? Your line of thinking makes no sense to me, sorry.
  9. The NOIR accords do not apply to all of the black team, fyi.
  10. Well, I only log in every 5 days or so to collect, pay bills and find my last trade so i'm not really playing :P. I'm doing pretty well though, how are you? How's TOP?

  11. I see you have a new name, good to know you haven't given up on this yet mate :)

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