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  1. Good night and good luck, my fellow neckbeards. See y'all on the flipside.
  2. Improved 18 spots since I last posted :D 5,298,919 Attacking + 8,065,989 Defending = 13,364,908 Casualties Ranked #40 of 8,944 Nations (Top 0.45%)
  3. Who in their right mind would honestly give a !@#$ about losing your respect, or that of anyone else here on the OWF? e: Ahahahahahahahahahahahahaha... ...hahahahahahahahahahahahah :D Good one, CT :lol:
  4. You are a !@#$@#$ moron. Seriously. Bring it, cunts.
  5. Good to see TOP get peace. Should have been much sooner.
  6. Except it's not. CT's rogued SPATR. Ditto for you, sanctioning rogues is SOP. You'll note that I sanctioned him after he went rogue on SPATR from the WTF AA (at which point, he was still pending being accepted into the alliance).
  7. Roguing SPATR, I'd assumed. e: of course, now that WTF have welcomed a nuclear rogue into their alliance, I'd presume that SPATR and co have a nice CB to utilise if they wished to do.
  8. He was in Doom Squad, cheering for DBDC. No wait, he was cheering for Pax. Then DS. Then for CT? Weird.
  9. I saw it - I'm sure someone can provide a screenshot. You'll note that some of his war dec reasons have been, ahem, altered by the hand of admin to 'I need a hug'. Gee, I wonder why that could be?
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