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  1. Alliance of the Year - DBDC Most Powerful Alliance - DBDC Best Military - NPO Best Rookie Alliance - Most Powerful Bloc - AZTEC Best Flag Most Active Alliance Most Honorable Alliance Best Diplomatic Team - IRON Best Economic System - IRON Best Recruiting Staff - RIA Best Propagandist - Comics people! Scariest Alliance - DBDC Best Alliance Growth Best War Flag Best Forums - Legion Alliance Most Likely to Succeed in 2015 - DT Most Immoral Alliance - Valhalla Most Controversial Alliance - DBDC Player of the Year Most Powerful Player - Cuba Best Alliance Leader Most Controversial Player - Tywin Be
  2. 3,575,120 Attacking + 7,957,932 Defending = 11,533,052 Casualties Ranked #54 of 9,649 Nations (Top 0.56%) I'm (very slowly) coming to get you all! :P
  3. I will :D And each dead soldier will bring me one step closer to my goal of getting into the top 50 in the casualty rankings :D
  4. Preeetty sure no one is crying about being a helpless victim or any such nonsense. Don't know where you're getting that from. As for the whole only hitting NADC thing...meh. If they didn't feel the attacks from AI and the attack from JL and Kashmir (serious question: Are they even at war with NADC? I can only find like 1 war for each and I don't recall seeing a DoW) then it makes sense for them to have someone else hit NADC. Now if you'll excuse me I gotta get back to the bunker in case someone decides to rain nuclear fire down on my nation. EDIT: Apparently TLR aren't the only ones who nee
  5. Would rather fight alongside you than against you, but oh well, those are the breaks :) Anyways no hard feelings and pew pew for everyone :P o/ Pacifica o/ SNX o/ Casualties
  6. Heh. You know you could have just said "Lets expand this thing already" :P Anyways casualties and fun for all :D o/ DS o/ DBDC o/ SNX
  7. Dude! You can't go to war with your Double Vision brothers! Also congrats on the achievement. Now hurry up and get to 100 score!
  8. This is not the way to go about this. The only thing you are accomplishing here is showcasing how weak your alliance is... Good luck regardless :)
  9. I do believe these alliances have joined the glorious pink team :D
  10. A treaty between good people and other good people! :D Congratz guys :)
  11. Looking forward to that... Also peace on congrats...I mean uhm...you know what I mean!
  12. Now I've read the "it's all your fault because 8 days!" argument a bunch of times and I just have to ask, how are we more at fault for offering something that was 8 days from Farrin's offer than Farrin is for offering something that was 12/13 (depending on math) days from ours? In case you missed it, when Farrin offered the 1.1 we were at 1.25. Just trying to figure out why a difference of 8 days is an insult while a difference of 12 is perfectly acceptable? Or perhaps you think Yeru should have responded to Farrin's 1.1 by withdrawing our offer and calling the negotiations off?
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