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ODN Election Results

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Well, our members have voted, the ballots are all in, and everything is counted up. And thus, I have the honor of presenting the ODN Government for term XLI

Secretary General: OsRavan

Assistant Secretary General: itseze
Secretary of the Interior: Anthemist
Secretary of Economics: Lucius Aerillius
Secretary of Defense: JWZepf
Secretary of State: Max Cristof

Senate XLI:

Finnish Commie, Scotch, Yankeefan924, Proximus, Vitsen

After the huge upheaval seen in the secretariat last term, this one was far more stable. Indeed, all of the secretariat incumbents from term the previous term were returned for another. However, considering the impressive strides made by ODN in the last two months, each of these secretaries more than earned their return to the Government.

In contrast to the secretariat, the senate this term has a number of new faces. While Yankeefan and Proximus have been returned to office for another term, they are joined by three new-comers. First, we have Vitsen, an up and coming ODNer who has served honorably in both the defense and economics department. Vitsen is joined by long time ODNer Scotch who returned from his semi retirement to take the election by storm. Finally, the senate is rounded out by a familiar face from The International: Finnish Commie. They combine to form a senate team with a very nice blend of experienced hands and fresh faces.

I am confident that both the senate and the secretaries shall serve ODN with distinction in the coming months, and I look forward to our alliance entering a prosperous post-war boom.

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[quote name='Greywall' timestamp='1304473913' post='2705631']
Congrats ODN!
When did Finnish Commie join ODN? :huh:

Around 2 months ago.

Congrats to everybody elected :)

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FinnishCommie in yet, another government. Well, I guess I will need to stop visiting #The_International and start visiting ODN's IRC channel so he can name brand me there while talking about being my long-time near-five year friend.



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Congratz guys!

[quote name='D34th' timestamp='1304474793' post='2705645']
Old news :awesome:
I lol'ed.

[quote name='Finnish Commie' timestamp='1304493507' post='2705868']
Almost exactly a month ago.

In any case we got a good lot running our Network for the coming months.
Traitor :mad:


[quote name='kriekfreak' timestamp='1304498528' post='2705881']
ODN is doomed with FC in senate. Commies >_>, Finnish >_>, Finnish Commies >___>

Apart from that, congratz to ODN :)
I concur, ODN's [s]gain [/s]loss is to INT's eternal benefit :D

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