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  1. Doombird Doomcave has 11 wars against Alpha Omega. I guess I missed the DOW. Have they done it?
  2. If C&G/VE disagree about Umbrella giving a $&$& about them.... Well... Time will tell if they are right... I actually prefer that they keep believing... This is particularly true beause history tells that alliances/spheres are usually rolled twice and in a sequence. It would be interesting to see how C&G/VE would take the unavoidable second beating if they keep close to DH.
  3. There are several alliances that are not listed as reserves for the equilibrium as well such as guru order, crap, alpha omega, UPN etc...
  4. [quote name='magicninja' timestamp='1340072185' post='2988154'] Funny you should mention this because the portion of the Int-LSF treaty that would apply is [size="7"]optional[/size]. Something many people seem to forget. LSF cops to starting the war because its what they wanted to do. After gathering all the info Int wasn't on board with the aggression. What is so hard to understand? [/quote] That's how all C&G treaties are.... Optional with a capital O.
  5. Go get them Invicta! [img]http://www.nerdsraging.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/that_damn_sun_by_garystorkamp.jpg[/img]
  6. [quote name='EgoFreaky' timestamp='1340068986' post='2988128'] I just wonder if you gave the few a voice in that decision. [/quote] [img]http://gifsoup.com/webroot/animatedgifs3/1320851_o.gif[/img]
  7. [quote name='Gingervites' timestamp='1340067246' post='2988110'] There is a large difference between NoR and Tetris [/quote] oh yes....ask this nordreich guy who declared on tertris http://www.cybernations.net/search_wars.asp?searchstring=All&search=tetris (PS. Not sure whether is a ghost or not but I thought kind of funny)
  8. Good luck my great friend...I may stop by when I come back from vacations.
  9. I still believe that The International care for her allies and it is not like ODN. Let's see what happens.
  10. [quote name='Spaarlaamp' timestamp='1339985699' post='2986985'] So you're going to defend you allies? Well yeah, that's kind of what treaties are for.. But good to know you feel the same about that. [/quote] Well tell this to ODN. Maybe they will learn what a treaty is for. I hope The International didn't catch the same disease..
  11. [quote name='Ayatollah Bromeini' timestamp='1339985785' post='2986989'] Obviously FC getting his revenge on Invicta for messing with us over the SOS cancellation. Two alliances I like at war.. ugh, why must you do this to me. [/quote] You know what you should do. and go R&R!
  12. [quote name='Feanor Noldorin' timestamp='1339804912' post='2985322'] What exactly are we? [/quote] I think is not what you are... is what you become. (seriously, I had a great admiration for TOP during the last years)
  13. [quote name='Cataduanes' timestamp='1339673842' post='2983256'] There will be no split I can assure you of that if the scenario you outlined comes to pass. CnG will always roll together no matter what. [/quote] If this was sincere what should happen was exactly what he described. We all know that this is all BS. Nordreich attacked a INT MDoAP partner. So if your words worth anything all C&G should defend LSF. Fark attacks NPO (TLR ODP partner) so ODN ignores her MDoAP with Sparta, INT with RnR now Nord attacked LSF (INR MDoAP partner) what C&G will do? keep being MK lapdogs.
  14. Congrats Uniita you got yourself great protectors. Best wishes!
  15. Nice graphics.. Good luck . Wish you best
  16. One ally and an alliance that I like. Nice to see this! Best wishes folks
  17. Congrats TLR you got a great ally! O/ TTK O/ TLR
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