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  1. you are definetly right, I just think in wars the most AAs involved more fun it gets. I would like to see Aztec, Alpha Omega, AGW overlords, FoB, FAN, NEW, Wolfpack, etc...
  2. It is a shame to see RnR on the opposite side.... But thats life... When Aztec will go in ? I think is the last bloc to join the war right?
  3. I am against anyone that is against mogar. By the way O/ OBR!
  4. Doombird Doomcave has 11 wars against Alpha Omega. I guess I missed the DOW. Have they done it?
  5. Good posts by Ego and Supercoolyellow. For others, let me give my 2 cents. In any negotiation that happened or will happen (I am inactive so I am not in the loop), Sparta will of course have the upper hand. It is pretty clear what side will win this war. I am pretty sure that one of the reasons that TIO-NATO were not countered before was not just because many of our allies were engaged, but because XX would rather not fight US. For christ sake RnR was our brother months ago! So I am sure that Sparta would rather have TIO-NATO (and possibly RnR) leaving this war quickly and with the least damage possible. Am I saying that Sparta is beating TIO-NATO? Of course not. In addition of have engaged Pacifica, which is bigger and with good fighters, TIO+NATO have a bigger combined NS. Nonetheless, both sides are taking a considerable ammount of damage (surely Sparta is taking more but look at the stats). But despite the isolated Sparta Vs TIO-NATO, all wars are coalition wars and at the end of the day, TIO-NATO and possibly our good friend RnR would be countered. It is pure math. Thats why in a negotiation Sparta will have an upper hand. But why the drama? Polar joined as others certainly will. So grab a beer and enjoy the war.
  6. I am an inactive old fart... But even me have a strong feeling that Sparta didnt ask for assistance until recently. So not sure your cheap shot at Polaris holds. I think no other front, displayed such respect between alliances as this one. Just look at the declaration of war threads. Sparta-NATO-TIO have been anything but honorable and cordial. No doubt that Polar will not be different.
  7. Wow... Just wow, your effort to rewrite history is pathetic.. I really wonder if you really believe in all that... If so than this is pathologic... ODN has really to be completely shameless to criticize Iron. At least IRON intervention against loss wouldnt have change anything.
  8. You are right. I cant understand why NG ismad at Iron, but Hearing moral outrage from ODN makes me wanna vomit. Well, I cant imagine anything but hypocrisy coming from Osravan. Bytbeway, long time no see my good friend...
  9. Agreed. ODN nature is to ignore some treaties over others. This is why they still deserve the "optional" reputation. However, to be fair, I never heard ODN plotting against allies. In fact, regarding C&G, they are a faithfull and respectable ally. The problem Is that all treaties outside of C&G will always be optional no mattter what they say.
  10. I think we are using too much the word retard.. :p
  11. This is a retarded discussion (whether cuba NS is because of Land, troops or whatever). Anyone that have followed Bob history over the last 6 years would be impressed that ANYONE for ANY reason was able to have more NS than Hime. It is indeed an impressive and historic event.
  12. Looking forward to see the aftermath of this. /o CCC
  13. Please dont get me wrong, I have a deep respect for STA, but why I have the feeling that they are always dragged by the wrong side? Note: "wrong" meaning, the side that have the lowest odds to win, not as a moral stance.
  14. The ammount of butthurt that you have been showing In all threads related to this war make me sad... We are sending a truck carrying 2 tons of lydocaine and 1 ton of aspirin to your country.
  15. It sure does. Seen Roquentin name on the sigs made me think for a second that this was a grave digger... Sigh.... The golden years... I miss that... I really wish that current umbrella is more like the one that we had as one of our best allies in the past.
  16. You are just pathetic.... NSO is like a little spoiled and clueless kid that goes around insulting, spiting and provoking bigger ones. Than the big guys spank the crap out of him , and they go crying to mamma. - oh mamma the big guy hit me... I cold go and list the numerous times this happen. It has been a while that you became the punching bag of planet Bob. It was always like that and it will always be this away. Edit: sorry for the double post.
  17. Thats the world of politics my friend. Nothing is what it looks. And yes Pacifica, you brought that to yourself. But anyway, enjoy the war and good luck (but just a little) Doxa Sparta. O/ TOP O/ NpO O/ Fark
  18. Any treaty with internoptional will be at the end of the day optional aggression and optional defense.... Poor RnR you guys deserve better than this.
  19. Very sad to see this. Wish you guys the best. Despite times when we disagree, CSN was always an alliance that deserved respect and make a mark on planet bob Good luck folks.
  20. Good luck to our former blocmates of RnR. Wish you and your new bloc all the best.
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