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  1. That policy ended when Greywall left GATO, it’s no secret though a move made by GATO would most likely be ours. Even though we haven’t been in total contact with each other and they sometimes disapprove of our tactics, they’ve always had our back politically or militarily. I’ll come out and tell the world, were pro oculus, what some of those signatories have done is unprecedented in the history of our planet. IRON is celebrating 10 years, The NPO has by far the best business model the games ever seen, it’s nothing none of us would want to be part of or even take on, however it’s apparent they bring safety and stability to the outer fringes of our planet. Being allied to GATO puts us in a unique situation, one that we cherish and respect and wouldn’t want to disrupt
  2. Greeting’s inhabitants of BoB; Esoteric, Jack and myself have a few announcements. 1 Effective immediately Freelancer has been relieved of all economic and intelligence duties at The III Percent. We could say why, but what fun would that be, I’m sure if you really want to know it won’t be hard to find out. 2 Any and all foreign aid for the procurement of technology with foreign manufactures is hereby suspended pending a credit a worthiness review. Bottom line if you’re not part of our FA goals, don’t bother asking I’ll laugh in your face. Obviously we have a few exceptions, they know who they are and should consider announcement two nothing that pertains to them. 3 Any and all foreign affairs decisions until further notice will be dealt with by Lightning Jack or Esoteric, any promises or considerations made by any other member prior to this announcement consider null and void. That concludes today’s press briefing. /s/ Esoteric Crask Mann Lightning Jack For your enjoyment bugout pron.
  3. Lets be clear, the offending nation leader only acts the way he does when he's in (ooc) game mode (/ooc) While some here may conssider this a fine line and it is, this is all if good fun to someone who thought he could come here and act like he does in other rehlms. William Freelancer's been gaged for 48 hours, hit the OWF You'll see why. Unknown Smurf, we recoognize all protective aggrements, and if one exsists I'm sure we can come to a peaceful solution to end the blood shed that's about to be spilled.
  4. At 9:30 Pm CST I've order the resources of The III Percent into combat and banking mode and we declare war on the Alliance of CC Stable. The charges are as follows Disrespect to the English Language given to us by our forefather's. Using divine intervention to gag our cleric Freelancer Acting like a summer's eve !@#$% And ( OOC) thinking a text based nation building and political sim is a one person shooter ( /OOC) Given the restrictions of the world we operate in we are unable to send in military intervention, however were accepting applications for subcontractors. Once excepted you'll be set up with temp trace circle and the sum of 24 million in compensation disbursed to your nation and membership into the alliance of The III Percent avoiding any app or forum requirement (ooc) Have your 5 year old sister create and account for all we care, we'll hook her up HUGE (/ooc) We have one request during re-education. He returns to the civilized world and disavows "Thug Life* & *Pimpology* While some may consider this a war on Rap Music, Sir Mixalot, Big Buts, or the ghetto lifestyle, it's not !! This is plain simple revenge Shakespearean style. Standard BoB warfare rules apply, anyone aiding and or assisting don't be surprised if an assault team serves an arrest warrant on you're home. We'd have the lil pissant sanctioned if he knew what a trade circle was Given we are the III Percent we have a set of principals we abide by and that's the chance to repent and surrender to our terms .. They are as follows. 1 You remain in game for at least a period of 60 days becoming a resource and tech slave. 2 You join an alliance who has a clue ( determined by us ) and you learn how the mechanics and math of nation building here on this planet is achieved. 3 When speaking to foreign dignitaries a level respect WILL be shown, gangster and hiphop slang forbidden. 4 You can thank your uncle for this . A self video posted to youtube with a public link stating that the one world you can not beat Freelancer in is (OOC) Cybernations. (/OOC) You have 48 hours to comply or expect your life here short lived. /S/ Crask Mann Esoteric Freelancer PS OOC, unlike call of duty where you may pick ammo along the way, here you need to have some social skills and allot of money, we have billions ... have a nice day !
  5. LD found this on divant art and it just seemed fitting, we can't take credit for it's creation.
  6. Good morning everyone, for those unaware Im Crask Mann one of the Militia Generals at the III Percent, that band of conservative well-armed gun toting (what part of shall not be infringed is not clear to you morons) liberty loving group that prefers the isolation of mountain air and clean streams, who are also that group prepared for almost any apocalyptic scenario you may read about. We have many labels, Right Wing Radical Conspiracy Theorist "Doom & Gloomer my personal favorite though Racist but in reality were just survivalists, weve lived in this world and the other for quite some time, our Bunker here has always been open for liked minded individuals, we were happy to supply you with a hot meal, bunk & firearm and asked nothing in return. Today that policy ends! Due to, how should I say? Unusual weirdness which Esoteric, Lightning Jack and myself contribute to the flamboyance of one of our members, our bunker here in this world is now closed to membership and is by invite only. Obviously if your lost in the woods and stumble upon the entrance and were topside, your welcome to join in our campfire sing along, but the odds of you passing muster to join our band of misfits is now so grueling we dont see any future expansion growth in membership unless LD gave birth down below. While we may be all of the above, were also very tech savoy which brings me to the next announcement. Our alliance theme was not only contrived from The III Percent that fought in the American Revolution, at the time Octavian and Freelancer were deep into a popular storyline at ubisoft. To honor that beginning our war flag has changed /s/ Crask Mann Esoteric Lightning Jack
  7. Not surprising given everything I've read in this thead and else where with you're name on it. So I’ll give you the hooked phonics version. Your original comment was edited and I’ve got the original on our board, so don’t deny it. Freelancer won’t be posting for a while, it wasn’t an order it was a request by Esoteric and myself.
  8. Oddly enough, I have a screen shot on our forums from this post ( now edited ) barking orders at Freelancer demanding he edit his logs. Help me with something, where is Freelancer's name anywhere in these logs or the post at The Reavers ? I'll admit after reading them this whole affair has the aroma of hypocrisy and have asked Alley Kat to unplug Free’s shortwave radio, and then I went and had a chat with our cleric and requested he refrain from speaking to the press till this blows over. If anyone has any questions feel free to contact myself or Esoteric in game or at the bunker.
  9. Good afternoon ghouls, goblins and trolls. Today the III Percent celebrates! Not only is it Freelancer’s 50th birthday (He’s a geezer) we reached a goal we set out to accomplish 6 months ago. Our altercation with SUN, left our secure bunker in complete disarray. We still have area's uninhabitable compliment's of SUN's nuclear arsenal. We also said goodbye to our long friend mr3looc who found pastures greener at GPA and finally once and for all got rid of thorn in our side that’s plagued our band of misfits for years. It put our NS at an all-time low of 420K, something we’ve never seen, we weren't sure we'd survive, we weren't sure we wanted to, when in late January commanded by the militia generals a complete rebuilding plan commenced. First order of business, Radiation cleanup. Second, self sustaining renewable energy. Supplies and logistics were shipped in. The Community Garden feeding our citizens. Technology production at an all-time high. Last but not least, rearming our defensive perimeter. This was the combined effort of the entire alliance, the end result. Happy Birthday FREE !!!
  10. LOL, you are a true visionary Free!
  11. The III Percent had one goal entering this war, “Remove Sun from the coalition equation” and do it by Thanksgiving. We failed our objective, but did we? We have dealt far more damage to them than they have to us, forced POW's from an alliance several times our size, and generally got them so damned focused on the III Percent that they aren't quite the same against GATO. Which had Esoteric and myself questioning why Freelancer would want us to leave our AA and exit this war, then it occurred it us. For years he’s always thought of his alliance mates’ well-being before his own. To quote a post made by Esoteric on our Forums “My nation is “Contumacious” defined simply stubbornly disobedient & rebellious, that is the very essence of the III Percent. Freelancer I’m sorry you are no longer capable of leading our destiny. Esoteric and I are taking over the Military apparatus of this alliance to ensure its rightful place in the annals of history. I’d like to thank Hime Themis and The Order of The Black Rose who spent hours of their time negotiating a proper exit for some of us; unfortunately we can’t in good conscience accept any of these terms. If you’re asking why, it’s quite simple. To: Lightning Jack From: King James II Date: 11/26/2013 3:52:37 PM Subject: LMFAO Message: Funny you attack us then $%&*@ about us rolling you guys hahaha enjoy Thank You for invigorating us, I have news for SUN, were not going anywhere YOU ARE! However we wouldn’t want The OBR’s time being wasted, at 6:00pm CST Esoteric, Gibson and myself will be coming out of peace mode, and not only do we challenge SUN’s upper tier we dare them to come out of peace mode, though given your prior actions we suspect you will remain there throughout this war, we have a word for that at the III Percent COWARD! For the next 48 hours The III Percent will offer the same refuge that Fen Dorbek offered to us. The terms are as follows. I will transmit the following message of acceptance of these terms to Esoteric, General of the Militia of the III Percent , and Dame Hemis Themis of the Rosular Kingdom. I, [ruler name] of [nation name] hereby agree fully and completely to the “Terms of Release from III Percent War Targeting” in order to achieve peace with the III Percent. Once asked, I will immediately leave the State of Unified Nations alliance and join the good people of the Rosular Kingdom. I will not re-enter the current conflict by declaring any wars, conducting any spy operations or transmitting any Foreign Aid to any nation or any alliance currently involved in the conflict, either directly or indirectly. I abrogate my right to represent myself to the Rosular Kingdom, and furthermore abrogate all rights to negotiate, modify, or interpret these terms The III Percent and the Rosular Kingdom shall retain the right to review and monitor my nation for compliance, and to prosecute, cooperatively, non-compliance in a just, fair and expedient manner. I pledge to uphold my duty assumed under this agreement by remaining a member in good standing and under the graces of the Rosular Kingdom until such time as these terms become irrelevant. This offer expires 12/3/13 at 6:00 pm cst, any crying afterword’s you can join your comrades at GATO POW. A wise nation leader would take this offer; it relives you of the burden of the word “surrender” and gives you a proper place to economically survive the horrors of war. Now to another matter, to the terrorist known as Mogar, we know you like attention and you’ve got ours. For the attempted assignation of the Honorable Freelancer. The Illustrious Chairmen Xiao and the Lovely Lady Dakota. Your sentenced to ZI, were hoping our comrades at the NPO do the job for us, in the event they can’t you’ll notice Alley Kat (who now holds a record compliments of you) and Lightning Jack have dropped dramatically in NS. Once they get out of anarchy and start selling tech back to our upper tier, you’ll be meeting them who will have judicious vengeance on their mind, congratulations, we don’t care what it costs or how long it takes. This has been an official III Percent Broadcast.
  12. Objective 3 is well under way, Morale for the rank and file diminishes to what we can only describe as selfless act of win This has been a special Axis Annie report for TPN The III Percent would like to present the following nations with a Commemorative plaque, display it proudly ! Karanor Paul Jacobs shard adongteco Ledroptha turtle island Masayoshi Bartram Elebor The nation of Lonnie Bartram Veelerveen
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