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  1. Doombird Doomcave has 11 wars against Alpha Omega. I guess I missed the DOW. Have they done it?
  2. If C&G/VE disagree about Umbrella giving a $&$& about them.... Well... Time will tell if they are right... I actually prefer that they keep believing... This is particularly true beause history tells that alliances/spheres are usually rolled twice and in a sequence. It would be interesting to see how C&G/VE would take the unavoidable second beating if they keep close to DH.
  3. There are several alliances that are not listed as reserves for the equilibrium as well such as guru order, crap, alpha omega, UPN etc...
  4. Love what you just said to ZOOM.

  5. looking the OP now, after all these months, I wonder if your opinion of XX havent changed. It looks to me that time proved you wrong my friend.
  6. This is very simple.. if you ask around, who is TLR? 99.99% will answer The Last Remnants. Any attempt to deny this is just silly.
  7. Finnaly....man... You guys in Iron have not been easy to beat...let me brag about a little until you guys pass us again in a couple of days...
  8. Go RAMs Go! VCU over Florida St! To infinity and beyond... .
  9. Low oxygenation can indeed cause cell death,however, a good thing is that the hippocampus, which is one of the most important sites for memory, Has neurogenesis even during adulthood. This mean that new neurons can be generated. Therefore, in theory low oxygenation can increase cell death inthehippocampus, however, reestablishement of proper oxygenation might revert the effect. Best wishes man.
  10. Can we have the numbers for the whole month of august?
  11. I guess the DARK LORDS will need a combat uniform, so I found one that will fit your mission well. [img]http://www.carouselclowns.com.au/pictures/maleclowns/stretch_clown.jpg[/img]
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