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  1. I would assume it wouldn't be too far from the "Quote" button.
  2. Yeah. Everyone knows Grub doesn't have a heart.
  3. If you talk to people and get to know them, they pretty much all become cool and willing to work out past errors, even UPN, Invicta or GATO.
  4. Valhalla is shit? Who would have thought?
  5. Wait until we announce our re-existance!
  6. With your history and TPF's, you really don't have any ground to criticise someone for being a lapdog.
  7. One of the benefits is not having to read your inane drivel.
  8. It was as boring and useless then as it is now, with everyone trying to shove their unfunny names down everyone's throats.
  9. Now we're gone it's d34th vs boats and MS Paint.
  10. I think the "joke" is that Disney bought the Star Wars franchise and is rumoured to make it worse. Disney/NpO is going to hurt the Siths/NSO.
  11. I expect something of the kind for me soon too, old friend.
  12. So, Umbrella actually was justified and AI was in the wrong in the Equilibrium Wa? Sweet!
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