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  1. We at SRA, as it shows have grown quite a bit as of late and had some high quality members join, not known by the community, but they know exactly what they are doing.
  2. Watched the foreshore of my town become a mess. Also Stefano, we need to talk more.
  3. Stewie for Viceroy! @ Franz, you know what you did, dont deny it. go chuck a piss(leak) with your friends in Polar or TOP.
  4. So Ameroca, are you saying that NSO and friends didnt beat Kaskus? i was in kaskus at the time and the mood was that we couldnt beat them as there were to many in our range.
  5. Everywhere i look, kaskus is just chasing the past in GOONs or NSO. Why? Why should you attack someone who will easily put you down and which one has shown they can and will. Discuss. LC
  6. GOONs, as much as id rather play with you, just destroy these guys, please?
  7. Cybernation Wars. Why are they so big? Well what we have is The Aggressor Attacking the Defender. Then there allies come in, then more allies of allies and so on, which ends up with alliances who are fighting and alliance they dont need to be fighting. We didnt attack the people who attacked menotah because we were weak, it was because the fight was for NpO, not Menotah. We fight for our friends, not for our friends, friends friends. If this was the way it was in the current climate we would most likely have more conflicts and more wars, with different alliances each time. that way there would be more than two sides to be on and more fighting for alliances who want to fight and less for those who want to grow more and then fight. So in short, why fight for someone who isnt your friend? if you want to go fight a war go fight one, if someone threatens your alliance, or a friend dont sit back. fight back either diplomatically or by fighting. dont sit back and let this game die because you people wont get of your bloody asses. feel free to take this how you want to, but it is the view of my alliance and mine to. Signed, Lord Caparo, Emperor of Kaskus
  8. Lord Caparo


    I confirm what wally says again, probably from a different state though.
  9. Wow, taking lessons from FEAR? at least we have the guts to back up our words and act out our views and decisions. we choose to act this way, why act big when you can act intelligently? we are irrelevant? hey you noticed us.
  10. Dear members of Regnum Invictorum, Years ago, I would not even dare to think of something as bizarre as this one. But then, years ago, Invicta was a brave, strong, and loyal alliance that I had always respected and admired. I was there, fighting along your side during the Karma war. I remembered clearly how you were so loyal and brave; you entered the war despite the odd to defend one of your closest ally back then, the New Pacific Order. That was back then, long long ago. Now, if you visit the cybernations forum, you can see what your alliance has turned into. Instead of the brave alliance we once so admired, you has now become the infra huggers we all so despised. People around the Bob has continued to make fun of you, to mock you, for the lack of courage to defend your allies. It is time. It is time to reclaim your honor and the honor of your alliance. If you think your honor, is not worth fighting for, then what is? If you think your leaders are incompetent, revolt and replace them. If you think they are impossible, leave them and join us! Yes, you heard it right. I invited you to join us in Kaskus. Join and reclaim your honor with us. Enjoy the right to speak up your mind on the OWF. Enjoy the freedom to play this game the way you've always wanted to play them. You have all invested your time in this game. You all deserved to play your own game. With all the respect I have left, Razorade.
  11. and NEW hits the front :v
  12. V8 Supercars, Aussie Racing Cars. Whether its Group A, or Group C. For some reason we always manage to keep up with the rest of the world! its been announced that V8 Supercars Australia is now going worldwide with a Race in Texas starting in 2012. What do you guys think? will you americans watch it? will you europeans still take an interest? since us aussie are losing all interest except for the big one. The Bathurst 1000. where the winner becomes King Of The mountain. Mount Panorama, one of the best race tracks in the world. also, To the boys from the bush Were back in town When the green flag drops My foot goes down Were all members of the horsepower sect And the king of the mountain is the guy youve got to get
  13. Congrats on this man o/ to another 5 years of Memoryproblems Razorade
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