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  1. if still needed pm me ingame
  2. Lord Caparo

    The Purge

    first time since Kaskus i havent skipped days 10 days so far Been no one worth fighting properly since Kaskus wars, so i never bothered to make an effort since i have so little free time! now things have settled, come down here
  3. Lord Caparo

    The Purge

    can i please have someone who will hit me? Junka is out of money and the other two are doing nothing. I await my fellow billionaires to come have some fun
  4. Lord Caparo

    dont go to sleep tonight

    Well every DL warchest that ive seen so far is more than 1 bil smaller than mine so i think you are correct!
  5. Lord Caparo

    Aqua Demonic Defense Sphere Creation

    Well, i hope through this stupidity you learn to do it correctly next time!
  6. Lord Caparo

    dont go to sleep tonight

    i didnt check your nation, just bought stuff back
  7. Lord Caparo

    dont go to sleep tonight

    Am i in range now?
  8. Lord Caparo

    dont go to sleep tonight

    My NS has moved from 83k to 79k in the last 5 days.
  9. Lord Caparo

    dont go to sleep tonight

    Seeing as i cant get some cause of anarchy, why dont you bring someone to me Wobblies? Need some real wars seeing as Hardins catching up to me D:
  10. Lord Caparo

    Latest War Chart Thread

    Today i found out my alliances acronym is K.K.K.     MINDBLOWN!
  11.   Ill have fun as long as you have fun! If our paths meet on the same side, we'll help you out, but until then lets destroy people :)
  12. Methrage and Junka ZI club if they piss us off: President Hardin Lord Caparo......     anyone else?
  13. Lord Caparo

    Royal Proclomation Of Doom Kingdom

    Seems like SNX and this treaty was all about Whatsisname according to his post. Congrats i guess!
  14. Lord Caparo

    Imperial Declaration Of Support For Wff

    so much peace mode.....
  15. Lord Caparo

    Commonwealth of Nations Declaration of Existence

    If you would like anything sorted out with us , Stephen, then chuck me a PM in game and we can discuss something.