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  1. first time since Kaskus i havent skipped days 10 days so far Been no one worth fighting properly since Kaskus wars, so i never bothered to make an effort since i have so little free time! now things have settled, come down here
  2. can i please have someone who will hit me? Junka is out of money and the other two are doing nothing. I await my fellow billionaires to come have some fun
  3. Well every DL warchest that ive seen so far is more than 1 bil smaller than mine so i think you are correct!
  4. Well, i hope through this stupidity you learn to do it correctly next time!
  5. i didnt check your nation, just bought stuff back
  6. My NS has moved from 83k to 79k in the last 5 days.
  7. Seeing as i cant get some cause of anarchy, why dont you bring someone to me Wobblies? Need some real wars seeing as Hardins catching up to me D:
  8. Ill have fun as long as you have fun! If our paths meet on the same side, we'll help you out, but until then lets destroy people :)
  9. Methrage and Junka ZI club if they piss us off: President Hardin Lord Caparo...... anyone else?
  10. If you would like anything sorted out with us , Stephen, then chuck me a PM in game and we can discuss something.
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