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  1. If you talk to people and get to know them, they pretty much all become cool and willing to work out past errors, even UPN, Invicta or GATO.
  2. One of the benefits is not having to read your inane drivel.
  3. potato

    Attn: Unknown Smurf

    This isn't anything new.
  4. "You guys aren't doing what I would do! And if you are, you're not doing it fast enough! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"
  5. potato


    "I'm wrong and can't wiggle myself out of this mess, let's go back to the OP. Plox?" - Sir Hime Themis.
  6. potato


    This was a direct quote from you, dickwad. But I agree with you that it's gibberish with an unwarranted touch of selfworthiness. Now you know how we feel when we have to read your drivel. As for your comment about avatars, it's ridiculous. Do you actually think I want to roleplay a little boy and his tiger from a comic? Do you think Letum wants to RP... a flag? Does renegade4box RP'ing a dolphin with a gun? Well, he might but is Gibsonator RP'ing Barney Stinson? Delta1212 a cupcake? Gopher a furry animal? Stop it. You're making yourself appear even dumber than you really are.
  7. potato


    You want it real with no RP then lets have at it. Stop spouting this crap about the IC postings. Unless your real name is Listener. You are not the leader of a Real Life nation. You do not even post your age on your own forums. I believe there should be a seperation of IC/OOC. So when you start posting on the OWF OOC forums with your real name and address I will listen to your lecture on the IC/OOC line. Until then your post is all a fine spout that you yourself do not subscribe to. I am not 15 I live in the real world. Just because public information is available does not mean it should be used . So since you are a big believer in the OOC posting feel free to release your age, address , phone # and age these are all public records. Until that time take your moral tone down a notch for you cannot live to your own standards. Real enough for you lad.
  8. potato


    You posted that an hour too early...
  9. potato


    First hand experience here (and I'm going to assume ours are probably similar): IYIyth is right.
  10. potato

    Of Trolling

    That's the thing: you're not even really good at this. Not at all. THAT is what everyone is trying to tell you. No one spent political capital on you. Ever. You're a bleep on the radar. A ridiculous bleep but still a bleep. People (on both sides) pass your posts around and go "look at this idiot". Answering you doesn't anger anyone. Not at all. You might be giggling to yourself in your mum's basement, thinking "omg i are huhsumz" but the reality is that you're mediocre at best. The only thing you have going for you is time spent here. As for your "success", there are many people that are better than you at being a jerk/villain. Archon, Moo, Ivan, Crymson, Grub, Ardus or Xiphosis, to name the world leaders. Heck, even d34th or Schatt do it better than you. And at least we know they do it on purpose. Oh and before you go "lulz you took time to answer me, i must be hitting on your nerves", just because I enjoy calling someone a moron doesn't mean I'm angry. I don't give a !@#$ if you are a moron. Or pretend to be one. I just enjoy pointing out inadequacies.
  11. Is that what you're looking for?
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