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  1. I was pretty embarrassed when our Senate bought the "nuke rogue" shpiel and voted to sanction, but I'm glad somebody else got to it first. I have no issues with raiding, but don't come crying to other alliances with what is at worst a lie and at best disingenuity just because your raid went south.
  2. Bear in mind that very few of these targets have SDIs. I know during TOp-C&G, I was constantly at war, always nuking and almost always the highest tech nation on my side. Of course, TOP and IRON have more SDIs than week-old nations, so inevitably quite a few were blocked (although I did end up with an unreasonably high success rate: somewhere in the vicinity of 65-70%). The amount launched is obviously large, but very unlikely to be a record of any sort. As for landed... maybe?
  3. I was thinking 10,000. I should have known...
  4. I am sorry, you are not a legitimate member of DAWN, then. Please check here and follow the instructions to continue the initiation process.
  5. You aren't allowed to be in DAWN without having been in ODN first.
  6. Keep on rocking Boss! :D

  7. I love you Arsenal. :D

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