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  1. So, just shy of seven years it's time to go. There are people out there that I will miss, and others who seemed genuinely like they should stop breathing. Much love and respect for the friends I made along the way! From ISSF and all the fallen comrades who didn't make it this far, to Orion and the brothers we grew to know. To the iFOK crew and all those who rolled with me. And to the compatriots in Non Grata. It's been one hell of a ride. -Malone Out
  2. Wait... so it was ok to not announce the downgrade or it wasn't? Cause a downgrade is a change in the treaty. Just curious.
  3. A shame to see... after all the times NG stepped to the plate for you. A damn shame if you ask me.
  4. Looks like I ducked out just in time else I might have been duped into Tri :P
  5. Maybe I'm just biased... Tri - MikeTheFirst, Stewie, KingXander Not simply because they're part of NG (or were at this point), but because they're all super capable and well-liked individuals. The three of them teaming up to run an alliance would be unstoppable.
  6. I've always enjoyed RV's posts, even when I disagree with him. Rotavele on the other hand... deserves to be high upon the list. Aside from the stat thread he started, there hasn't been any memorably good posts from him.
  7. Is it me, or did your two of your top 3 flee to peace mode in fear of being hit? lol.
  8. I'm not the one who was chest-thumping for a 1v1, that was Starfox, I was merely pointing that it's never happened for Polar except in the case of a micro. Now as for your saying that you declared on \m/ so you win the tech, let's check statistics... As you can see from this post that would not count. Care to try again? Also, and I'm confused here. In your post you say people bring overwhelming numbers because they're terrified (though to be honest, that seems sarcastic), and yet you've also stated that you've been part of multiple coalitions to survive, and have yet to show me a scenario where Polar went 1 vs 1 with a comparable alliance. I mean even if I allowed \m/, which I'm not because \m/ was a micro, but for arguments sake we'll consider this; at the time of declaration that you appear proud of, you were more than five times the side of your opponent. Brave little alliance that could, right? Ok, well that sums this up. That 50 tech is still waiting of you can show me a 1 vs 1 that wasn't against a micro. Edit: After further review, I'll even give you the tech since an 8.0 score in todays alliance stats shows 2mil NS. Hit me up in-game when you have a free slot and I'll get you the 50 tech. However, the remainder of my point stands.
  9. Oi, I don't fault you at all for backing your treaty partner. I applaud you for it. As far as us ignoring TLR, not likely. We made it perfectly clear we were going to back whichever treaty partner got hit first otherwise we were going to stay out, hence the undeclares that happened when the coalition attacked etc. Also, don't get me wrong, I rather enjoyed our battles back in the days of iFOK. You guys were fun enemies for the most part. I don't believe I've stated (or even implied) that you should have ignored your treaties. Nor do I think another member of Non Grata has (though I've only skimmed the last couple of pages instead of reading intently as I did earlier in the thread). I'll just highlight that. For a well-versed alliance leader as yourself, you shouldn't be unfamiliar with the phrase "the nail that sticks out the most gets hammered". Polaris, regularly, goes out of it's way to act arrogant. As you stated, it makes things interesting for you. As a result you draw the target card, which makes things interesting for others. As far as the coalition comment, I'll point you to my previous post linking to your wiki. Could you direct me to any war that Polaris went 1 vs 1 with an alliance (aside from some micro that you flexed on)? If you do, I will gladly come out of pocket and ship you 50 of my very precious tech personally. Sling the mud all you like, but you know as well as I that Polar has thrived in coalition warfare her entire life. Hypocritical much?
  10. Welcome to Planet Bob where it'sok if your friends do it but not your enemies. Never stop.
  11. Look, I get what you're asking to be hit at this point, you want to trigger defensively and play the "we're the victim of the big bad bullies" card, but this constant "You're backroom cowards" is getting a bit retarded. It's like you glom on to the one thing that you think sounds witty. Have you forgotten the number of coalitions that NpO has been a part of? Here, let me provide you a link: http://cybernations.wikia.com/wiki/New_Polar_Order - If you go through and review every war NpO was a part of that was a victory, what does it have in common? Hint, it wasn't 1 vs 1. I won't even point at the shenanigans you've pulled on some of your own allies, I mean if you weren't being backroom about that they'd have known right? The reason Pacifica and others have been able to take their licks and move on and recover is quite simple. They got punched in the face a few times and realized "Oh, hey... we should settle down for a bit." The reason Polar has been on the receiving end of some ass beatings the last few wars is simple: arrogance. For some reason Polar believes her poo don't stink. Instead of taking the time to settle down and actually recover from the wars, Polar leadership talks trash every chance they get and reminds everyone why they should be punched in the face again. But please, keep up with the blowhard status. At least it's entertaining.
  12. You're right, let's not argue stats. The fact that an alliance almost half your size has better stats across nearly every category. I mean, stats don't lie, right?
  13. No, they came in here offering to harbor rogues, whether sarcastically or not I cannot tell. Keep trying that victim role though.
  14. As important as a nice wad of toilet tissue.
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