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  1. Yes. My sleep schedule. Yawn, 8am and away I go.
  2. Interesting comments so far. And the votes are closer than I expected them to be. This is going to be a better poll than I expected arexes. Oh, and iFOK for obvious reasons.
  3. German. Per my previous blog/poll, it appears German has won the poll. So beginning this weekend I will endeavor to learn my some German. Somehow... I feel this is going to backfire horribly, heh. Thanks for the comments all. If it goes well for me, I will probably begin another language after
  4. Of course you'd say that. You only want me to learn dutch so you can kick me out of iFOK and force me into FOK!
  5. BTW, feel free to leave comments if you think there's another I should look at. Those are just the ones on the Rosetta Stone disc that I have.
  6. Being that I'm getting up there in my years I've begun looking back at things I should have done when I was younger.... One of them? Learn a foreign language. So I'm gonna do so. I've decided I'm gonna let CN decide which one via the poll. Winner gets my best attempt at learning it, heh. Initially I was going to learn either german because of my heritage, or dutch.
  7. Sure, considering I hadn't thought of this here until the forum changes :P

  8. You are much better at stalking me than I you :P

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