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  1. wow, you guys listed all your members at the bottom! Cool Story Bro, Tell it Again!
  2. considering the majority of your nations are in PM we shall see
  3. Welcome to the party TLR: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N4d7Wp9kKjA
  4. I don't think we are a bad group of guys! I am proud to be working with such a great group of people...so come on over everyone and let's have ourselves some fun
  5. [center][img]http://i35.photobucket.com/albums/d191/jdanllen/mcxa_logo18.jpg[/img][/center] [center][b]This just in, ladies and gents. After years of bragging about being the alliance's longest-serving High Councillor & Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jrkee decided to finally make his power grab and has hostilely taken over MCXA. These are the people that helped him form and establish his new shadow government:[/b][/center] [center][u][b][i]Chancellor:[/i][/b][/u] [i]Jrkee[/i][/center] [center][u][b][i]Master of Foreign Affairs (MoFA):[/i][/b][/u] [i]AgentChaos[/i] [b][i][u]Leader of the Shadow Army (MoD):[/u][/i][/b] [i]Mr Havok[/i] [b][i][u]Minister of Interior (MoI):[/u][/i][/b] [i]AndrewHG[/i] [i][u][b]Lord of the Money (MoF):[/b][/u][/i] [i]Gopherbashi[/i] [b][i][u]Revolutionaries-at-Large (MaL):[/u][/i][/b] [i]14dwright [b]and[/b][/i] [i]Roo Blu II[/i] [/center] [center]...Along with an army of riotous members that helped to place the shadow government into power... by democratically voting us into power, of course [img]http://mcxa.invisionzone.com/public/style_emoticons/default/wink.png[/img]...[/center]
  6. [quote name='Kongo Jack' timestamp='1340685375' post='2996655'] Are you one of the 64% in peace mode? [/quote] I am MCXA Gov so no...I am the one of the ones taking names and kicking ass
  7. [quote name='Rogal Dorn' timestamp='1340683861' post='2996585'] inorite, i wonder what legion/MCXA's plan was. "lets DoW ODN and force BFF to hit us! yeah, sounds good to me!" [/quote] More Like "Hey Let's Force BFF to hit us so they can get pummeled by the other alliances that have our back's!" Chyeah!
  8. [quote name='Hereno' timestamp='1340683170' post='2996551'] It was kind of dumb to post the image you're now using for your DoW in the propaganda thread before declaring. [/quote] We also used this the last time around...I kinda love this joke for some reason
  9. http://http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lh9bj8Zty71qavolh.jpg AmIDoinItRight?? Also I am Glad to make more Blood shed for your friends
  10. Haters gonna hate...But all in all I hope everyone has fun in the collective loss in pixels
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