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  1. Not even a mention of me anywhere. I see how it is. Oh well. Edit: not even going to bother.
  2. Xiphosis likes me, I have very lovable qualities. He knows it, I know it -- we both know it. I have no questions. Only fact. =] Regards, Cuba P.S. Gibbs and Liz are cool.
  3. Julia <3 she's MHAmazing, see what I just did? *whistles*
  4. /emoticons/default_happy.png" alt="^_^" srcset="/emoticons/happy@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" />

  5. [quote name='Mogar' timestamp='1310340098' post='2754080'] Loyalty to my own alliance is above everything else, I've been ZI'd for CDS, and would have gotten ZI'd during Karma if Batallion wasn't such a [you can fill in the blank]. Now on the other hand, should members of other alliances choose to provide me with information, especially when they're on a side opposite my own... why not air their dirty laundry? goes back to the PR subject, use what you're given. [/quote] People who provide you with information are either lol'ing at you or they are seriously incompetent. At any rate -- I am sure that you DO have people who give you good information.... but, so do I. Anyone who is well known within our little world here can get information if they know the right people.
  6. [quote name='Krack' timestamp='1310390580' post='2754374'] Did you type that bold part with a straight face? [/quote] lol, to a degree I tried.
  7. Formula for success: • Be controversial • Core theme • Historical/Authentic/Political • Authoritarian/Democratically (but controlled) placed on a predetermined path • Rigored system of membership promotions • Militaristic • Dynamic leadership Alliances whom have weathered this path and still exist: • New Pacific Order • New Polar Order • Mushroom Kingdom • Federation of Armed Nations • Independent Republic of Orange Nations • Nordreich • Umbrella That to me is the list of alliances in this game that are not cookie cutter, lazy, stupidly themed, meatshields, 'exist by default', packed on a bus with friends for protection and just so inept that their continued existence defies logic. This is NOT to say that alliances like Viridian Entente, Sparta, The Order of Paradox, New Sith Order, Mostly Harmless Alliance, Orange Defense Network, Valhalla and Fark -- will not be there for you when !@#$ turns sideways -- but the alliances on that top list; they will burn for you and sail to the end of the world if that means defending you. That top list has a lot of things in common; chiefly being that they're tough !@#$ and anyone who has played this game long enough, will appreciate and expect the outcome of what will happen when one of those declares your pixels dust. Denying the reality of that fact is uneducated in the historical wars of Cyber Nations. What makes a successful alliance? A desire to $%&@ !@#$ up and coordinated offenses. No amount of 'forum and charter design' will save you when the music stops. Strong theme, unwavering leadership, balls and educated leadership -- that is success. Play ball or go home.
  8. [quote name='Mogar' timestamp='1310105537' post='2752187'] I'm a shameless self promoter and I've never denied this, playing in back channels have never been amusing to me, now taking what is said in those private channels and making it public information? that brings about much more entertainment. [/quote] Exactly the reason most alliances should never let you near government. You have no loyalty and you like to talk !@#$.
  9. [quote name='Emperor Marx' timestamp='1310257132' post='2753560'] Wasn't he also an "imbecile"? [/quote] Who Wilhelm1908? idk him that much.
  10. [quote name='pd73bassman' timestamp='1310249240' post='2753486'] Yeah pretty much dead on [/quote] But, we love LoSS [img]http://forums.cybernations.net/public/style_emoticons/default/wub.gif[/img]
  11. You made a public announcement for a resignation? Why not let SLCB make an official announcement themselves? [img]http://forums.cybernations.net/public/style_emoticons/default/blink.gif[/img]
  12. [quote name='CnaedmacAilpn' timestamp='1310246228' post='2753458'] I just cannot believe this has gone on for so long. An imbecile comes along, decides to take on the mantle of the new creator of TGE, upsets NOR. Who then decide that this threat to their existence should be eradicated with extreme prejudice. Then the said imbecile, without ever having been attacked, sees the light, and becomes a NoR !@#$%*, while everyone else with a TGE AA, gets extreme butt hurts. Damn, this has the makings of an excellent soap opera. Dallas, eat your heart out. [/quote] Sup Wilhelm 1908?
  13. Is it wrong that I have been around since 2006 and do not recognize some of those alliance names? wtf is Kingdom of Ni! [color=#1C2837][size=2]Mostly Harmless Alliance - 6 Green Protection Agency - 4 Fark - 5 Sparta - 8 Independent Republic Of Orange Nations - 7 World Task Force - 4 Orange Defense Network - 6 New Pacific Order - 10 Umbrella - 10 New Polar Order - 8 The Order Of The Paradox - 7 The Last Remnants - 6 Viridian Entente - 6 Global Alliance And Treaty Organization - 3 Non Grata - 9 The Democratic Order - 5 RnR - 9 FOK - 9 Nordreich - 7 Random Insanity Alliance - 10 Mushroom Kingdom - 9 The Legion - 4 Nusantara Elite Warriors - 1 The Phoenix Federation - 3 LoSS - 5 Valhalla - 8 NATO - 3 Multicolored Cross-X Alliance - 4 Global Order Of Darkness - 10 Federation Of Armed Nations - 9 Commonwealth Of Sovereign Nations - 6 Nueva Vida - 5 The Foreign Division - 4 The Grand Lodge Of Freemasons - 2 The Templar Knights - 2 World Federation - 7 Goon Order Of Oppression Negligence And Sadism - 10 Legacy - 7 Fellowship Of Elite Allied Republics - 4 Asgaard - 6 Argent - 1 Christian Coalition Of Countries - 4 Global Democratic Alliance - 1 Ragnarok - 7 Guru Order - 1 Siberian Tiger Alliance - 2 The International - 5 The Grämlins - 5 Knights Of Ni! - 1 The Prolific Empire - 1 Boards Alliance Of Protectorate States - 3 SLCB - 6[/size][/color]
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