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  1. Why is it important that he confirm or deny anything to you, stalker?
  2. I'm totally interested in this. Did you find anything in his trash while we're at it?
  3. Is his music any good? I've never heard one of his songs.
  4. If you haven't checked it: go see it!
  5. I hope that other major film quality actors/directors take a look at the television series format. There are some episodes in this series that rival high budget films of twice the length. I'm also a big fan of the fact that there were the same writer and director for each episode, keeping the series to one vision instead of generally following an outline and shoehorning in stuff that doesn't really advance the narrative.
  6. Country seems to be a lot like hip hop: have to dig for the good stuff.
  7. Hereno, help me out, What did [OOC: Stalin call Berlin in regards to the West?] seems applicable here.
  8. Well I'll make sure to put anything I post about it in spoiler tags.
  9. If you slept on this show, well, I'm not sure what to say about that.
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