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Managed to get an HBO GO password off of a friend, so I actually did get to watch this tonight. Spoilers below:

Wow. Holy !@#$. That entire Carcossa sequence in the fort was wonderfully nerve-wracking. As for the ending, I liked it but I can understand why some didn't. It's quite tidy. Painting the whole thing as a light vs. darkness battle might put some people off given how bleak the world view of the show (Rust mainly) initially was, but I can live with it. As a character piece, this was fantastic, and the camaraderie Rust and Marty had at the end of it all was a joy to witness.

Overall, I thought this was a fantastic series. Setting aside acting, art direction, casting, cinematography etc etc (which I think were all brilliant), the show approached a pretty $%&@ed up subject matter in a way I really liked. I'm a huge fan of the whole Fincher-esque element of this, so it really was right up my alley.

I would love to see the next season go somewhere else with characters/locations though. Not that I didn't love what we had here, but just because I feel this level of care could really do remarkable things- say, in a bleak perma-night Scandanavian setting à la Insomnia or the Dragon Tattoo series.

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I hope that other major film quality actors/directors take a look at the television series format. There are some episodes in this series that rival high budget films of twice the length. I'm also a big fan of the fact that there were the same writer and director for each episode, keeping the series to one vision instead of generally following an outline and shoehorning in stuff that doesn't really advance the narrative.

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