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  1. Cannot believe you have given me a reason to actually take notice of my nation once again, cannot thank you boys enough!!
  2. They always deserve to be rolled also so long NG *waves*
  3. And another one bites the dust. I can't say I loved or appreciated TOP over the years but your departure is sad to see nevertheless, best of luck in all your future endeavours.
  4. Does the party simply consist of loads of us oldtimers sipping beers and reminiscing on the good ol days?
  5. Assuming Schatt would actually want to take that task on
  6. First time I have checked the forums in a week, this thread made the visit worth it. Good work fellas.
  7. What was the timeframe for when that happened?
  8. Bit late to the celebration but as a GATO-1 war vet I am compelled to wish you all the best.
  9. In bygones ages I readily cheered anyone who fought against Nordreich, but all of this seems beyond pathetic....meh.
  10. Definitely got to be up there as a high point of the games existence at the very least.
  11. In a manner of speaking, returned from the inactive wastelands for the hell of it. Also howdy.
  12. Sweet jesus this is a still going concern?!?!
  13. I come back from lacklustre activity to see this come to pass, times have changed indeed.
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