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FOK Birthday Announcement

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[img]http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100123025319/cybernations/images/thumb/0/09/Flag_of_FOK.svg/360px-Flag_of_FOK.svg.png[/img] [IMG]http://i40.tinypic.com/5ezu3k.jpg[/IMG][/center]

Dear Planet Bob,

In [url=http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=84620&st=0]this topic[/url] we noticed that a lot of you seem to 'not know who we are' or even 'tend to forget we still exist'. Therefore, for [b][color=#FF8000]our third birthday[/color][/b], we decided to chronicle our alliance history and present it to you on the OWF. Feel free to disagree with it if you please, this is simply how we experienced it.

So for all of you who who want to know more about FOK, enjoy:

[quote]Three years ago, on the fourth of may 2007, Sargon officially founded the FOK Alliance. The alliance, originating from the FOK forum boards, was to be ‘Dutch only’ and it quickly established a home on orange. In the early months FOK showed a huge potential for growth. After a recruitment drive on the ‘home boards’ it managed to gain 184 members in one day, which resulted in some people accusing FOK of being “an alliance full of multi’s”. This potential for quick growth could also be a potential for disaster however. After making the mistake of both raiding TPF and breaking FAN’s YN5 it was decided that we needed some organization. Elections were held and the (in)famous El Jammos was put in charge of Foreign Affairs. Under his guidance – and that of his successor, Sitethief – FOK took its first steps into the scary world called Planet Bob. It was quickly allowed into the Orange Unity Treaty and signed treaties with R&R, TOP and GOONS. After fighting own two wars with the (ironically named) ‘Peace alliance’ the time came to fight for our friends. A global war broke out and GOONS requested our help against NTO. By pulling off a succesful ‘mid-day blitz’ against NTO and realizing the first surrender of the war FOK made it clear to everyone that it was an alliance willing and able to fight. However, after being countered by GATO and seeing its war coalition fall apart, FOK sought to retreat itself from the conflict. It was eventually able to do so without surrendering or paying reparations, largely due to TOP and Grämlins negotiating on our behalf.

In the aftermath of the Unjust War it was clear that FOK had left an impression. Several alliances requested a treaty with the alliance, among which most notably the NPO. Despite not being too familiar with the Order, an opportunity to sign a treaty with the strongest alliance in the game could not be ignored. The FOK-NPO treaty was signed in October and just a few months later they both became part of the Continuum (Q). The safety that this bloc ensured enabled FOK to grow even further and eventually even achieve sanctioned status. Besides that, it also allowed FOK to do what it does best, fight. Q came into conflict with GPA, NoV and NpO, whilst FOK also had its own wars against DDM (The Baby Jihad War) and Dirty Dozen (The Educational War). In the end though, FOK became dissatisfied with the loop-sided wars and the strangling hold that Q seemed to have on Planet Bob. That, and the fact that it felt more and more estranged from NPO and some of the other Q signatories, made it decide to be the second to withdraw membership from the Continuum. After doing so, it quickly became a driving force behind the movement now known as Karma. When war finally broke out, FOK fought alongside its brothers in LEO and declared war against NPO and TFD.

After the Karma War ended FOK reevaluated its position on Foreign Affairs and decided to cancel all treaties which it didn’t feel strongly about. A rigorous treaty review ensued and eventually FOK withdrew from OUT and cancelled its MDoAP’s with MHA and IRON. However, despite all of this FOK still found itself torn between two sides when the Hard Six War broke out. It appeared that several of its allies would on the one side, whilst FOK’s oldest and most reliable partner, TOP, was going to enter on the other. In the end FOK decided not to choose at all and simply defend all of her allies, which would most likely have resulted in heavy damage. The war quickly wound down however and FOK was forced to realize that, in order to prevent this from happening again, it had to make a tough decision. In the end it chose to cancel the almost 2,5 year old MDP with TOP. In the few months after that events unfolded in ways most unfortunate for FOK. At first, FOK came to the defense of its ally Poison Clan, which found itself at war with NpO. Not much later however TOP ended up attacking one of FOK’s allies and, despite not wanting to do so, FOK had to attack its former partner and friend. Despite also fighting more than 20 other alliances and coming out victorious, the war left a sore aftertaste.

In the three years of its existence FOK has built up a rich history. Yes we have made our mistakes, yes we were part of Continuum, yes we escalated the NpO - \m/ war and yes we ended up attacking TOP, but in the end we have always done what we felt was right; for ourselves and for our allies. Nearly everyone, both friend and foe, has found that in the end we are just a reasonable and fun-loving alliance. That is what FOK stands for and that is what we are proud of. [img]http://fokalliance.com/forum/images/smilies/fok-salute.png[/img][/quote]

P.S. Yes, us Dutchies do indeed sometimes get a little crazy :


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Good read, I remember the day you guys had the recruitment drive and was amazed (I was big into recruitment at the time and just gave up since every new nation that joined was going to FOK). I also remember you guys in the UJW. Most of all I remember FOK being kick $@! allies to MK since our treaty was signed.

Here's to another 3 years of FOK :)

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