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  1. Oh? Oh.......well......alrighty then. Works for me

  2. I saw you creepin first tho ;)

  3. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG you bish after all the contributions that I made in the "who do you want to fornicate with?" thread, you still don't include me in your shoutouts. Even worse is that you included that bassman guy
  4. 1) than GR shouldn't have told them that they didn't intend to stay neutral. Cause I don't know how relationships work on "your side" between allies. But on my side, when an ally ask me what I intend to do, I don't tell them that I intend to stay neutral if I actually plan on joining a side. And with GR going on the offense after DT got attacked, it's GR that chose not to defend allies but pick a side, not DT. Once again you are a great PR guy for your side. You claim that DT chose not to defend allies and thereby not ending up on your side, but who should they have defended? Brigade didn't got attacked, NV got attacked but NOIR prevented intervention, Valhalla wasn't in the war, GR told them that they would stay neutral. LoSS was the first NOIR involved and asked for help. Anyone who thinks that DT didn't have a solid CB doesn't even deserve to have a blog on this forum 1) LoSS attacked hydra who only has treaties with SLCB and NSO. so they didn't have one, unless you make a chain of several alliance and than you could also find a MDoAP chain for DT to attack legacy if you go beyond 2 steps. 2) still drunk? who got attacked? Do you consider NV to be on your side now or what? 3) yes ofcourse and the entire OWF agrees on it, both your allies and your opponents all think these reps are deserved 4)not in the beginning, and that's what got CSN to get dragged thru the mud on the OWF. they wanted 40k tech from the 2ktech+ nations
  5. It's 3:30AM saturday night and I had some drinks but you penkala seem to have had way more too drink. what's this !@#$%^&* about DT not activating the GR treaty but chosing to enter the other side. DT enterred this war before GR attacked or got attacked by anyone. Actually CSN declared on DT before GR got involved, so shouldn't it be GR defending DT? You are quite the PR guy for your side aren't you? and if you are so worried about CSN's OWF reputation, than you should have told CSN: 1) too not declare on LOSS without any treaty 2) be the only alliance so far to ask reps instead of white peace 3) to not ask for enormous reps 4) to not ask DT's top layer to pay that huge amount I have seen CSN members to post their disagreement about their leadership, I have seen DT-haters supporting DT in this, I have seen your allies and even people from your own alliance to support DT in this, I have seen a !@#$ load of neutrals choose DT's side. Thank God that you are here to tell us that DT deserves these or even higher reps because people may have thought otherwise if you weren't here to show us the light with your moronic arguments. If there is anyone coming close to deserving to pay 40K reps than it's CSN because of their pathetic attack on LoSS with any treaty chain and without a real CB. Hell and even they shouldn't pay the tech with their 2ktech+ nations
  6. I expect germany to do rather well. Bayern Munchen played with 5 germans in starting line-up of champions league final and were the better team all round. The injury of Michaƫl Ballack is a big setback for them tho. Nord Korea will be ugly duck of the tournament, all 3 opponents outclass them by far. But they don't deserve to be in the world cup anyway. the should make qualifications global, there are european and south american countries that are way better than some who are in the world cup but they always have to qualify against way stronger teams. If this means that 85% of the countries qualifying would be european and south american, than so be it, at least we'll see the best 32countries
  7. well you always amuse us at the nordreich forum and IRC, so you already had a lot of experience amusing 5 year olds
  8. Exige

    Rating Alliances

    no nordreich?????
  9. I woke up this morning and immediatly ran to the pc to check if chift won or not
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