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  1. The distinct lack of countries such as India/ Pakistan/ Bangladesh is sad to see. Definitely have the finest national anthems. Also the German national anthem is up there too. <= Indian National Anthem <= Pakistan National Anthem
  2. Eh my comment was more at mompson Coming to your point I guess there are alliances with ambition and some who are fine with where they are. They tend to be moved like chess pieces only because they lack the ambition to become a mover. Now that could be because they don't want to be one or they have leaders without it. That's just how this game has always been I guess.
  3. Eh Morals play a role only to a certain extent I believe, it's more the interests of the alliance first. I pretty much agree with that.
  4. Damn Madrid -.- Ah well hopefully Munich can still crap on em next week :D

  5. Mario Gomez, that was brilliant, though Lahm shows his class there :D


  7. Royal Challengers Bangalore \m/

  8. Utd's lead cut down to 5 haha seems an interesting twist in the tale, almost as if it was written by Thomas Hardy >:(

  9. "Aadya Natesan : I always knew you were more woman than any of us "

  10. Best time to play on the beach it seems!

  11. Haha commentator on messi missing an easy change " Messi is show to be human " :v

  12. Set max you bunch of stinking idiots let Katy Perry sing before I freaking sue you for being the worst hosts of the opening ceremony ever

  13. Ah come on Utd, away at Ewood Park, definitely an interesting clash! I do hope Ferguson plays Pogba though :v

  14. "The North Remembers" finally GoT :D

  15. Game of Thrones Season 2 coming out today hellyeah!

  16. Mass Effect 3 is epic, can't wait to finish it :v

  17. United lost :V, City's losing, bad night for Manchester

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