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  1. [quote name='Maelstrom Vortex' timestamp='1299227090' post='2652295'] Well, here's to your friend then. I'll be your bartender, I'll get your comrades some of my "Nuclear Inferno".. on the house. Guaranteed to turn your insides green and to give you "laser eyes". [/quote] Cheers and may we have a nice glow-in-the-dark dance into oblivion!
  2. I fail to see how this is a surprise to anyone. Zog's blog is one of the most followed and any person that actually wants to know what's going on on planet Bob will eventually read it. He even said that we were going to enter for FAN against NPO... Meh.. Anyway, this not about about a grudge or a war... it's for our friend that got taken from us. O/ TvM
  3. [quote name='Ninja Colt' timestamp='1297716011' post='2633262'] Mushreich shall hereby grant safe asylum for any competent TGE members that wish to fly under our flag. [/quote] So this means that Mushreich doesn't actually want anybody from TGE? Just joking... although I don't see why you raised such a high bar for any former TGE members. Well, this was long overdue.. so rest in peace(just like you like it).
  4. So, DT... when can I make an application to join, if you're going in this for the long run?
  5. Really?... There is absolutely nothing I can add to make this more embarrassing than it is. I expected a fail, but not one of this magnitude. Well, at least UINE had something to be amused with. Cheers UINE!
  6. Meh.. this is not the announcement I was looking for ( amazing, ain't it? ). Either way, congrats! Bla bla bla.. and the most important thing: Cheers!!
  7. [quote name='Comrade Craig' timestamp='1296919575' post='2620512'] Do it. For the love of God, please make my day and do it. -Craig [i]edit: Seriously, I'm begging you.[/i] [/quote] Yes.. yes.. yes... I second that.
  8. Meh.. Crappy announcement.. poorly written and I only managed to get 1 day of war. Also.. ffs why do we always end up fighting against alliances that did nothing wrong to us? If this was a war against some crappy alliance that deserved to be pummeled, this announcement would've never happened.
  9. You can add this DoE to the list, too. http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=92584
  10. [quote name='Captain Flinders' timestamp='1285184531' post='2461245'] Mess with the Gentlemen, you mess with the Reich. [/quote] This! Hopefully our Kaiser will be done with the treaty and we'll post it soon. Also, I really like to see this done, finally.
  11. Congrats Quantum! You have joined a great group. O/ AZTEC!
  12. Happy birthday friends!!!! RoK on! [img]http://gsdadventures.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/happy_birthday.jpg[/img]
  13. Got matched against the current holders of the cup so I'd say a 2-3 result is honorable.
  14. Ally in front, ally behind.. Good. let's make it a block and rise through all of the others.
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