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  1. Remember when wars weren't deleted as slot filling as long as you were lobbing CMs and doing a GA here and there? Remember when Umbrellailures were attacking Puppets with everything, including nukes, quite possibly inflicing more damage than the AI nations he attacked and they still had their wars deleted?
  2. I can see this appeal to kids in their early teens.
  3. Joo :D Haluutko kattoo ku runkkaan camis??? Oot tosi söpö tossa kuvassa näytä tissit. Ommaa toi kuva mulle jooko??


  5. Moi taas :DDD

  6. Gobb


    Start collecting all the stats UE did and hope he comes back soon.
  7. What argument? For god's sake, he only answered a question.
  8. Yet more facts? Like that "a lot less than a quarter of NPO's infra is in peace mode" fact when, in reality, the figure's over 50%. Please, do share more of your illuminating facts. It's part of the upper tier push Legion has been doing now. But like you said, it's not so much fighting as it is annihilating any opposition we have, as can be seen from the NS graph of the guy who attacked that member of ours.
  9. It's a bloody leap of faith, just like any other peace terms ever.
  10. Just taking the permanent hippies from NPO's first page (top 40) gave me 3.35 million NS in peace mode, which is about 53% of their NS (6.32 million) Total infra of those nations is 560k which is 56% of NPO's total infra (1 million). So it's not "a lot less than a quarter of their infra", it's a lot more than a quarter of their infra. It's like, more than two times the quarter of their infra.
  11. FAN hasn't posted a DoW but they are declaring on NPO in-game.
  12. Honestly I love how, before Karma, things killing the game were the old hegemony's acts of ZI'ing over re-rolls, tonking alliances with flimsy at best CBs and then imposing harsh terms on them. Now, apparently, you are 'killing the game' by having tech raids go bad and paying reps for them, demanding punitive reps for aiding a nuke rogue and tech raiding micro alliances. And some of you lot say Karma changed nothing, it's all Pepsi and Coke. Just think for a second, I beg of you, about the sheer stupidity of your babble before you continue with your posts.
  13. Gobb

    @ Iran

    Please, tell me US ships set sail for Israel and my day will be made.
  14. MK dons will absolutely dominate the field in every game. Even when we're not playing. Huge semihomo love to kamichi for doing this again. I wanna have you as the commentator always~
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